Kaldi’s Story – The Discovery of Coffee


Did you ever search for this – Who discovered coffee? Where did coffee come from? Well, Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia more than 1000 years ago. As per a legend, a goatherd called Kaldi noticed that his goats seemed energized and hopped tirelessly after they ate berries from a particular bush.


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It is believed that some religious people threw the berries in fire stating that one should not take anything that makes them feel excited. All this resulted in was discovery of the great aroma of coffee. These people were monks from a nearby monastery. Kaldi must have taken the berries to them for investigation. Later, others discovered that these berries could be crushed and mixed with water to produce a drink (what we may now call an energy drink or coffee as we know it now). This plant was called ‘buna’ in Ethiopia and is still the word used for coffee there. Coffee then spread to the Arabs and now – most of us start our day with one.


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