How To Involve Your Kids In Planning Your Vacation


In our busy lives, we often miss out on spending quality time with our family. However, planning a trip with them can give you ample of wonderful moments to spend in the company of your loved ones. 

Take a break from your busy schedule and give your kids the taste of fun and warmth of spending some quality time with the family. Most people prefer to book all-inclusive packages such as the South India tour or East India tour or to others for convenience.

You can even include your kids while planning the vacation. In this way, they will be involved in the entire process and would be super excited to get going. Additionally, this gives your kids the feeling of responsibility, and they will have control over the memories that they want to create.

Including your kids in the planning process can turn the entire monotonous process into a fun one. Here are some of the ways you can involve your kids in planning your next vacation –

Having a Budget for the Vacation

Planning a trip starts with the main task of fixing a budget and sticking to it. Be open about sharing the budget with your kids as this helps in giving them an idea about how they should plan out on a budget for themselves when they are planning trips on their own later in their lives.

Ask your kids to list down things that they want on their vacation like the kind of hotel they want to stay in or the mode of transportation. Once they have listed their wishes, let them know what all are feasible for your family during the trip and what is not.

Choosing the Dream Destination

Ask your kids about the places they want to travel to. Once you know their answers, explain to them about the places you can plan a vacation too, and then shorten the list. Ask all the family members where they want to travel from that list and make the majority vote count. 

Once the place has been decided, ask your kids to try and list down tourist spots they want to visit in a particular city on a specific day.

Choose Interesting Activities

Staying at a place or relaxing at a beach isn’t something you will consider when you are planning a vacation with your kids. Look at everything you must do when you visit the destination. Ask your kids about all the fun activities they want to do when they visit the place and take into account their suggestions as well. 

Allow them to do their own research and come up with interesting ideas. This way, they will feel responsible for organizing the trip.

Organize a Party for Packing Things for the Trip

Make the entire process of packing for the trip look so exciting that the kids would want to do it themselves. Ask them what all they want to wear on the tour and encourage them to pick up their clothes and pack them. It will give you ample time for packing or looking into things that need to be taken care of before going on the trip.

Allot a separate bag for your kids. In this way, they will learn how to take care of their own things. Advise them on the essentials they must pack. Teach them the essentials about luggage packing.

It might be challenging to make your kids do everything on their own if they are very young. Help them as much as you can but also leave them enough space to think that they are doing things on their own. They would love to take a sneak peek into the lives of the adults and feel ‘Older’. It would be a fun process for them. 

Your kids would feel like they are a very integral part of the family when they realize that all of their inputs count while making decisions about the trip.


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