Interview with Varun Jain: Co-founder of Quizot


Quizot, a platform for quiz and learning enthusiasts, recently came out of beta and we had a chance to have a discussion with Varun Jain, the co-founder, to find out more about the quizzing and learning platform. Quizot has some amazing quizzes you can take and unlike trivia-based quizzes, the quizzes closely follow the format seen in MBA and other exams. The website intends to develop in to a learning platform – learning that is fun and different from regular studies. Let’s find out the rest from Varun:

Tell us about your background.

I passed out of Electronics Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) in 2011. I worked for Deloitte Consulting for a little more than an year. I have been a quizzer during my school and college years. I take care of technology for Quizot.

Tell us about your co-founder Akshay Bajaj.

Akshay is a pass out from VIT (Pune) 2012 batch. He was an active member of the student council through his college years. Coming from a Business family he takes care of Business at Quizot. He has been a quizzer in the past too.

What technologies have you used to build Quizot?

We are using Ruby on Rails for server side scripting. Apart from that we also rely on Apache Solr for a number of things.

What is the intended business model?

There are a number of things in the fray but with the kind of product we have it is difficult to peg down a single idea without growth in user base and user activity. I wouldn’t commit to a single model right now.

Who do you see as your principle target audience as of now? How are you reaching them?

Quizzers, the ones that participate in college and corporate quizzes. We are reaching them through our own personal channels, social media and content marketing.

Who creates the quizzes which are published on Quizot? How do you validate the same?

Users can add questions on Quizot. All questions are reviewed before they are published. Currently we ( the founders and interns) moderate the questions. In due time we expect community moderators to come up.

Quizot is currently a minimum viable product. Tell us about some of the features users will be able to see once the final product rolls out?

We believe in doing minor iterations. That has worked out really well for us and is convenient given our size and resources. We recently launched a bunch of features such as leader boards, analytic section for users, topic pages and a news feed. More features are in the pipeline.

Has Quizot got the feedback and growth you expected from early adopters since the launch?

More than what we expected. It has been encouraging and that prompted us to come out of Beta.

What is the plan for Quizot on mobile?

While it is considered suicidal to ignore mobile these days we are currently doing the same. Mobile apps have different considerations as compared to web apps. It would be a product B and we think it is better to get product A right first.

What was the most challenging part of developing Quizot?

Content. Content can make or break our product. We had to design an elaborate setup with multiple layers to maintain content quality. Most of this is not visible to users on the front end. The next challenge is to trigger user generated content. Fake it till you become it.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for Quizot?

Triggering user generated content and content quality are immediate concerns. The long term plans would be to widen the funnel to engage a wider audience. This could be through varying modes of consumption or unique and engaging content.

Can you convince the reader to start using Quizot in under 50 words?

Quizot is the only website for quizzers.

Got that?! Do visit Quizot now and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!


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