Interview with Utkarsh Apoorva: Co-founder of Augment


Having issues switching between many applications at work while simultaneously checking your emails? Then Augment is what you should be looking at, to make your work easier. We had an informal interview with Utkarsh Apoorva, the co-founder of Augment.

Read on to know more about Augment and how it can simplify your work-life.


Describe your startup in one sentence.

Augment connects emails with cloud applications, and enables busy professionals to handle all their work from within their inbox so that they never miss out on important stuff.

Who are the founders? How many people are part of your team?

Augment is co-founded by Utkarsh Apoorva, Madhu Gb and Anubhab Bandyopadhyay. For Utkarsh and Madhu who had previously co-founded GuitarStreet, this is their second venture.

The team size is 6 with 3 co-founders and 3 employees onboard.

What was the idea behind starting Augment?

The core idea of Augment stemmed from the founders’ vision of a platform which would enable different objects to talk to each other. This paved the way for the development of the API engine which forms the foundation of Augment. By speaking to a lot of users during the customer development process, we realised that users would require assistance when they handle data from multiple sources as well. Thus, the plugin version of Augment, which is the present version, was born.

The response from our early adopters was great and this prompted us to build a mobile app. The app would be the primary go-to app for users to get information based on the context.

Our findings were reinforced at the International Mobile Congress where the trending topic of discussion was ‘Context is King’.

Who is your target audience and how do you reach out to them?

Our target users are the ones who use multiple cloud based apps like Evernote, Dropbox, Asana or Trello. We want to make people less busy by making their lives simpler. Presently, we are not marketing the product in any way. But we have a decent organic growth by sheer word of mouth. And the feedback until now has been very reassuring.

What are the features available to your audience?

The core feature of the plugin is to move data from Gmail to their favourite apps. Currently we support Evernote, Asana, Trello, Dropbox and Google Calendar. On request from multiple users, we are integrating Github as well. We solely base our decisions on user feedback and the next set of features will also be built based on their feedback.

Very soon, we will be launching our mobile app.

How can people access the features of Augment?

The tool is simple and pretty straightforward. You can download it from chrome store or visit the website for more information.

How are you funded?

Augment was incubated in JFDI Asia where it received its pre-seed fund. We have recently closed a seed round with reputed angel investors.

Whom do you consider as your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

We do not have direct competitors. However, the apps that can be threat in the future are:

Mail clients: CloudMagic, Dispatchapp.

Additionally, IFTTT with a real IMAP support can steal some of our thunder, when used with other mailing applications.

Augment is the only application which can let you control your favourite apps from within your inbox.

What are your future plans for Augment?

We are already working on a mobile app which is scheduled to be released in the month of May. It is smarter and will be your only go-to app that you will ever need.

Your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t take yourself seriously. You need to know that nobody cares who you are and what you are doing. Here is a small mantra, imagine you are the only human on the planet, and are surrounded by a bunch of apes (and that’s not a very wrong assumption). Now take the decisions that you need to take.


The next time you feel overwhelmed with the number of applications you have to use at work, remember to check Augment and do not forget to like Augment on Facebook. You can also follow Augment on Twitter. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with Utkarsh or us, please do leave us a comment below.


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