Interview with Satya Vasireddy: Founder of Lovelychocos


Have you always wanted to give that extremely personalized set of chocolates to your near and dear ones but couldn’t find the right place to buy it from? Have you always wanted to buy chocolates whose taste you wanted customized as per your preferences? Then, Lovelychocos is where you should be buying your customized chocolates from! We had an informal chat with Satya Vasireddy to understand more about Lovelychocos. If you too want to know more about Lovelychocos, then read on!


Founder of Lovelychocos


Founder of Lovelychocos

Describe Lovelychocos in one sentence

An online customized chocolate store where people can customize chocolates according to their tastes and the occasion.

What is the USP of Lovelychocos?

The USP of Lovelychocos is that people can gift their emotions and feelings through it.

From where do you derive inspiration for the various chocolate designs?

It is just our effort to make the chocolate look beautiful and bring a smile on our customers’ faces when  they receive it.

How many people are part of your start-up? How did you all meet?

We are a small in number to look after orders and promotions.

Whom do you consider as your competition and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

There are a few competitors, but we still stand out.

Lovelychocos is different from the regular chocolates available in the market as here you can personalize a chocolate according to your taste or according to the taste of the person to whom you are gifting by adding favorite toppings, decorations according to the occasion. You can also include an edible image or just a message or both making it an exceptional and something special to gift someone.

How can customers place orders on Lovelychocos? What are the modes of payment available to your customer?

Customers can place orders on our website and the mode of payment is CCAvenue for Indian customers and Paypal for customers who live overseas.

What are your plans of expansion?

We plan to launch outlets all over India, so that customers can directly customize chocolate in the stores. This would help reduce the cost as well as the transportation time. It would also minimize the chances of breakage or the chocolate melting due to extreme weather conditions. Apart from that, it would also help target cash on delivery (COD). Another major reason to open retail outlets of Lovelychocos is to provide employment, especially to women.

What were the challenges you faced while establishing Lovelychocos?

As we are spending from our pockets and with no funding its difficult for marketing and advertising but with word of mouth and using Facebook as a platform we are getting orders.

How do you promote Lovelychocos to your target audience? Who is your typical customer base?

We target people of all age groups, especially youngsters and IT communities. As chocolates are loved by all its one of the first gifting option which comes to our mind and lovelychocos takes it to another level.

Where do you see Lovelychocos 5 years down the line?

We would love to see Lovelychocos stores in all the metros. We also have plans related to women entrepreneurship whose details we can’t reveal at present.

The next time you are looking to gift customized chocolates or have that sudden craving for your own combination of chocolates, remember to check Lovelychocos and do not forget to like Lovelychocos on Facebook. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with Satya or us, please do leave a comment below.

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