Interview with S Vinoth Kumar: Founder of MEEDO


Have you always wondered about the possibility of a mobile app which can help you design and customize T-shirts based on your tastes, likes, and dislikes? Have you always wished to have a mobile app that would help you customize your T-shirt and also get it printed, even if it is just one piece? Then, you should look up Meedo. Read along the interview we managed to have with S Vinoth Kumar, the founder of Meedo.


Describe your startup in one sentence

India’s first custom T-shirt designing app for retailers.

How many members make up the Meedo team? How did you all meet?

Meedo has two people and we are college friends.

Where are you based out of?


What is the USP of Meedo?

We are the only service provider to cater to the retail market using technology. We have started with T-shirts and we will be launching a few more products in the future.

What was the idea behind the startup?

Many of the retailers across the country get inquiries for custom T-shirt orders (1-20 pieces), but they are saying ‘No’ to these people due to the difficulty in delivering the same. The app Meedo is a solution given to these retailers who let the customers design their T-shirts and then place the order to Meedo. These T-shirts will then be printed and couriered either to the customers or the retail stores.

Whom do you consider as your competition and how do you differentiate yourselves from them?

A few online players are our competitors, but they cater to the end customer directly, whereas we cater to retailers.

Which cities have Meedo kiosks? Where can we buy them?

Right now we operate in Chennai alone, but, we will be expanding to other cities soon.

Do you have plans of bringing the Meedo kiosks to other cities as well? If yes, which cities?

We will be starting off with metropolitan cities.

What are your thoughts for the future of Meedo?

Meedo will be a unique service provider with a unique customization solution for unique products like T-shirts, sling bags, footwear, silk saris, etc.

Do you have any ideas of converting Meedo into a retail store?

Yes, we are working on a concept of an exclusive Meedo outlet where customers can customize anything they need.

Keep Meedo on the top of your mind the next time you are looking for somebody who will print a small number of T-shirts at reasonable rates and don’t forget to like Meedo on Facebook or follow Meedo on Twitter. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with us or Vinoth, please do leave a comment below.


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