Interview with Pranat Bhadani: Founder of Medyog


Ever went to the doctor and found the whole process of communicating with the doctor, collecting the test reports and keeping track of your medicine schedule cumbersome? Then, Medyog simplifies this job of yours. We caught up with Pranat, the founder of Medyog to understand more about how Medyog works.
Read on to know how Medyog can simplify your task of tracking your health.


Team MedYog (From Left) – Pranat, Parth, Shantanu, Nitin

Describe Medyog in one sentence

Medyog is an online healthcare aggregator for Diagnostics, with a special focus on Preventive Healthcare.

Who are the founders of Medyog?

Founder, Pranat Bhadani is an IIT Bombay alumnus (Class of 2011); has worked with Capital One for close to 3 years in Bank Fraud Analytics.

Co-founders Shantanu Jain and Nitin Jain have been involved since the ideation stage.

What is the idea behind starting Medyog?

Medyog aspires to bring in transparency and convenience in the healthcare industry, by answering questions related to where one can undergo certain tests, the costs of the tests, which is the better diagnostic center, etc.

But these are all reactive measures, wouldn’t we all prefer to cure the disease at stage zero.

The idea is to prevent severe health complications which could ultimately take a toll on your biological and financial health.

We are trying to aggressively promote preventive health check-ups as well as design personalized preventive health check-ups to convert into a doctor-patient driven industry.

How many people make up the team of Medyog?

4 full time members, Pranat (Product and Business Development), Shantanu&Parth(App and Website) and Nitin (Marketing).

Who is your target audience and how do you reach out to them?

Diagnostics is a $3.5B+ market in India. We are well positioned to tap that market through our attractive pricing, seamless interface and transparent information transfer. However, we are even more excited at the potential for preventive healthcare. It is currently only about 8% ($250M) of the total market. We envision increasing that 8% to around 20%-30%. This though challenging, is not as difficult as it sounds because as people start spending more on preventive healthcare, the total diagnostic spend will also decrease.

What are the facilities customers can avail of, at Medyog?

Medyog users have access to a lot of features like check prices, compare the offerings of different centers, and make a smart choice based on real reviews and ratings of the centers. A lot of discounts and packages are also available. And we don’t just leave it there, we further ensure that the user gets the reports online which can be accessed anytime. Also, they have the option of creating multiple profiles so as to enable them to manage their families’ healthcare needs as well.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through focusing on Preventive Healthcare, which we are promoting through the “Smart Preventive” feature.

How can people access the facilities of Medyog?

Medyog is accessible through it’s website & the Medyog Android App.

How are you funded?

Starting an online aggregator does not require a lot of capital, scaling does. We are currently bootstrapped but will be looking to raise soon.

Whom do you consider your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them? and

Apart from the simplicity of our design, ease of transaction and other differentiating features mentioned above, our competitive advantage also lies in our 2 unique initiatives:

  1. Smart Preventive: Our feature that offers personalized preventive health plans, developed after weeks of intense discussion between doctors, health experts and our design team to ensure that the product gets all the required information to make a recommendation and at the same time ensure that the product is very easy to use and requires as little input as possible.
  2. SASH (Stay Aware Stay Healthy): Our section on preventable diseases, spreading awareness around symptoms for some of the common yet deadly diseases- aiming at early detection and easy preventive steps. Together with our partners, we are designing disease specific health check-ups, exclusive to Medyog.

What are your future plans for Medyog?

The team is working tirelessly to ensure that we constantly innovate and keep providing value added features to the user. A lot more features aimed at creating awareness around preventable diseases and promoting a culture of regular health check-ups would be rolled out soon. We are also in discussions with our partners to design disease specific health checks.

What would you advice aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t just ask your initial users for feedback, meet them and observe them using your platform. This will provide you key insights into the behavior of the user (which you otherwise wouldn’t have known) and help you design accordingly.


The next time you wish to track your health check-ups, remember to check Medyog and do not forget to like Medyog on Facebook. You can also follow Medyog on Twitter or download the Medyog app on the Google PlayStore. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with Pranat or us, please do leave us a comment below.

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