Interview with Prajwal Rai: Founder of Sensation Films


Sensation Films is a startup which provides high-end Visual FX and other video services to customers in India and abroad. We got a chance to speak with the founder, Prajwal Rai, and ask him a few questions about his journey and his startup Sensation Films. A big thanks to Prajwal for this interview!


Describe yourself in a single statement.

I live for today, No matter what I do I believe in my instincts, a good listener

Who all have you teamed up with for Sensation Films?

We have recently partnered with MVR Cinemas, Bharath Matrimony Prateek Sharma photography and few other startups

How big do you want your team to be after an year?

I am not worried about the number of people in the team but it’s more about what they bring to the table. We like to have a steady growth no hurry. But we like to collaborate with startups so that we can learn from each other.

What was the first video you made and how was the experience?

First video I made was when I was in college and that was crazy and Hilarious. 5 guys dancing drunk in front of a webcam. Professionally it was for ADITI Technologies and it was a fun experience with a little dose of professionalism.

Tell us about 2 latest trends in your field that excite you the most?

Concentrating on basics will keep you going no matter what the trend is. I research on what’s making news at times just to see how people like us can do something that’s really cool. Something that really excited me is called “hyperlapse” and “strokemotion”

How did you raise money for the equipment?

We made most of the equipment’s as DIY at home and the rest we rent it out as every time we go for a shoot the requirements change. Whatever we have bought so far comes from our pocket money

Where are you currently focusing your spending?

We are currently focusing on doing something that we have never tried before even though we have the resources. Feature Film and Short films is the main focus for this year with some good projects. Wedding Films is what we are looking from the business perspective expanding our services to Hyderabad and Pune which means some spending goes in that area. Also introduced something called BBP which all you guys will love.

What other plans did you have before you started Sensation Films?

I had no plan nothing someone said do engineering I just did for the sake of fun involved in it. I don’t think too much on what is going to happen, if it’s about having fun that’s what s going to happen. Life doesn’t stop, why should I?

What do you wish you’d known before your started?

When you do a startup we always forget the basic thing called as business plan which will keep you going no matter how bad the times are. Now I actually did that and it going smooth. Better late than never

Convince the reader to use your services in less than 50 words.

I would just ask my readers to have a look at our work and give a call. We just like to make your weddings a memorable one .If you like our work just give us a call I assure you there’s nothing impossible.

Check out Sensation Films on their official website and like them on their Facebook page.


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