Interview with Ishu Bansal: Founder of Truck Suvidha


Ever had the necessity of transporting things from place to another but wanted an option of choosing the vehicle through which it needs to be sent? Now, Truck Suvidha is here as an answer to all such problems of yours. We had an informal chat with the founder of Truck Suvidha, Ishu Bansal.

Read on to know more about Truck Suvidha and understand how it solves your problems related to transporting items.


Describe Truck Suvidha in one sentence

One-stop solution for all truck/lorry, load/freight related problems under one roof.

What is the concept of Truck Suvidha?

Truck Suvidha is a leading portal for the transportation industry. It connects truck drivers, transporters, customers, and other related entities. Our website is specifically designed for Indian transport industry, wherein the big and small transport companies can register with us, to increase their business.

Our services include post load, post truck, search load, search truck, truck load matching, distance calculator and a host of others related to logistics. Our services facilitate the use of technology  by brokers, transporters, logistics heads, delivery heads, etc. Truck Suvidha offers, to all big and small transport players as well as other sectors which are linked either directly or indirectly with the transport sector, free listing on our website. This service will help the user get information about the movement of the vehicle and the material efficiently.

How many people are part of the startup?

11 – 50

Who is your target audience and how do you reach out to them?

Our target audience include truck drivers, transporters, people in the logistics field, industrialists, etc. In short, anybody who is related to the transport industry, either directly or indirectly.

We are doing in-person marketing, digital marketing and tele-calling.

How are you funded?

Truck Suvidha is self-funded, although we are now open to the idea of sponsors and franchisees.

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Whom do you consider your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

No one in India is working the way we are. Our main competitors are big transport houses who believe that technology isn’t going to help them in their field. The approach and zeal with which we deal with the logistics industry is quite different, compared to other websites. We provide a platform for transporters, logistics personnel, etc to connect with the customers and vice-versa. Also, we will assist you with any issues you may face. No other site boasts of these many facilities as Truck Suvidha.

How can people make use of the facilities provided by Truck Suvidha?

The customer has the option of choosing the variables like date, city, material, truck type, and weight depending on their preference and accordingly book a transport vehicle of their choice without really speaking to the transporter directly. The transporter gets the message regarding the customer’s preference of vehicle since it is listed on the website. Even the service provider gets the customer’s requests directly without the necessity of having to go anywhere. The website also provides information about the various packages you can choose depending on your requirements.

How have you made use of technology in the daily functioning of your startup?

Truck Suvidha is a technology based startup. With the help of technology, we are improving the flow of communication between various entities.

What is the biggest challenge faced by you when establishing Truck Suvidha?

It was trying to convince my distant brother to quit his job and join hands with me to start Truck Suvidha. Also, we had to make quite a number of field trips, sometimes leading to frustration, and a lot of time, money, and effort was spent on this. But, our trip to the Azadpur Mandi where we interacted with the people who directly worked in this industry assured us that we were on the right track. Also, we were convinced that we could bring about a change in their lives. It was an eye-opening moment for us.

What would you advice aspiring entrepreneurs?

Nothing is impossible. Just believe in yourself and your idea.


The next time you have some items to be transported from one place to another, remember to check Truck Suvidha and do not forget to like Truck Suvidha on Facebook. You can also follow Truck Suvidha on Twitter. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with Ishu or us, please do leave us a comment below.


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