Interview With Mr Devanshu Shukla From Hackveda


Hackveda is a Creative Learning, Certification, Development, Publishing and Research Center. “HackVeda” course mission is to educate, introduce and demonstrate hacking tools for penetration testing purposes only. I had a brief interview with Mr Devanshu Shukla, Founder of Hackveda and Project Manager of VMDD technologies about the start-up.

Mr. Devanshu Shukla - Founder - Hackveda

Mr. Devanshu Shukla – Founder – Hackveda

Let us begin with the interview to know more about Hackveda.

1) How would you describe HACKVEDA in under 50 words?

Hackveda is a Professional Education Program for IT students. We support students to learn, get certified, do research & publish their research to build future.

2) What made you decide to start working on HACKVEDA?

I am an information security enthusiast. Information Security domain asks you to learn more and more. I accepted learning and IT research as my profession. Hackveda became a best medium to live my learning enthusiasm.

3) How did you come up with the name?

Vedic Sciptures are the source of true education. Computer Learning is all about believing. We can believe on a concept, only if it executes and produce desired results. Hacking into Source Codes is a medium to improve learning. We decided to build a vedic
scripture which includes hacking to learn. We teach people to reverse engineer all technologies to improve learning. Hence the name Hack+Veda = Hackveda.

4) What was technically the most challenging part of developing HACKVEDA?

Information Technology based Concepts are Countless. Every concept is related to other in order for a successful execution. Building time limited (2,5,10 Day) technical course for learning was our biggest challenge to accomplish. With efforts we got success !

5) How long did it take to put together HACKVEDA?

We started Hackveda on 1st August 2011 and we got our first break in January 2012. We reached our first success milestone in a period of six months. Till Today, we have accomplished many milestones, and we have set more high goals ! We started with
information Security. Today we are on 24 Major Domains of Computer Science.

6) Do you have any new features in the pipeline or for future?

We are building our own computer system and operating system to enhance learning skills ! Features for IT Professionals improvement and management will be released soon.

7) Has HACKVEDA got the feedback and growth you expected since launch?

Hackveda has got a very high positive feedback from our clients. We got a success rate of 80+ percent in successful accomplishment of concepts and satisfaction in students.

8) How much Traffic do you get on an average?

An approximate number of 50 thousand is reached every month in form of Online Traffic. At our learning centre, every month we successfully organize training for more than 200 Professionals !

9) How much regular do you update your site HACKVEDA in average month?

Hackveda’s official website – is now updated every week !

10)Who do you see as your target audience?

Our target audience are the students, faculties and professionals of Information Technology and Computer Science.

11)Who is your biggest competitor?

Many good organizations are working with high spirit to provide learning. Every organization working on the technology and providing High Standard Education is our competitor. We always compete and build our technical staff to provide High quality
product for our clients.

12)What advantages does HACKVEDA have over its competitors?

Hackveda is all about building creative IT Skills in professionals. He have one of the best methodologies to provide hands on training to students to achieve success. Our course standard is very accurate and satisfactory for students. We provide valuable resources to students so they can keep their training always with them. We follow team building approach to keep up the motivation for learning.

13)What is the biggest hurdle/Problem you have faced or are still facing?

Hackveda’s team is very Proactive. We have setup our custom high standard solutions for students to learn. Hence, uptill now we have all soultion for problems. Hence we are free from problems.

14) Can you convince the reader to start going for HACKVEDA in fewer than 50 words?

Hackveda provides you a reverse engineering approach for technology development & learning. We provide high quality resources for support. We proceed with team building for our clients to solve problem instantly and serve them better. We are your guaranteed learning partner ! - Home – Home

That was a pleasure taking an interview of him about hackveda! If You’ve any queries about Hackveda which we might have missed in our interview, just write down to us so that we can take your questions to them for another interview!


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