Interview with Biswa Pujarni Mohapatra: Founder of Hostelnpg


Anyone who’s had to look for an accommodation either for a short term duration or a long term duration knows the amount of hassles involved. Right from selecting the area to finalizing the right dwelling place, house-hunting is an extremely tedious process and sometimes you also end up encountering cons which only adds to your existing list of problems. Biswa and his team at Hostelnpg hence came up with a solution.

Read on to know more about Hostelnpg and how it solves your accommodation problems.


Describe Hostelnpg in one sentence

Find an accommodation with no hassles and within your budget.

What prompted you to start Hostelnpg?

There are a lot of channels to find an apartment or a room to share but there are very few options for budget accommodation. Door to door roaming, brokerage fee are the main pain points to find this kind of accommodation. This was very difficult when we came to the city for the first time. So, that basically prompted us to start Hostelnpg.

How many people make up the team of Hostelnpg?

Our initial 4 member team at Hostelnpg comprising Balakrushna Swain, Pratap Reddy, Yeswant Devisetty and myself has now grown to become a 15 member team.

How are you funded?

We are a bootstrapped company and looking for funds for expansion.

Who is your target audience and how do you reach out to them?

Our target customers include both property seekers (working professionals, students, travelers, people on the lookout for short-term accommodation, etc) as well as property owners (people who own hostels, paying guest accommodations, service apartments, guest houses, etc).

In which cities can people make use of the facilities provided by Hostelnpg?

Currently, people who are looking for accommodation and those owning property and looking for tenants in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai can make use of these facilities. We plan to roll out our services pan-India soon.

What is the biggest challenge faced by you while establishing Hostelnpg?

We faced quite a few major challenges such as convincing hostel/PG owners, lack of trust on the data provided, various regulations, and the quality of data.

What are your future plans for Hostelnpg?

Our future plans include starting operation in Tier-1 cities of India, online booking, and coming up with a Mobile App.

What would you advice aspiring entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur may get you down sometime. Accept the challenges and embrace your achievements. It will definitely make you successful.

The next time you are on the lookout for accommodation, remember to check Hostelnpg and do not forget to like Hostelnpg on Facebook. You can even follow Hostelnpg on Twitter. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with Biswa or us, please do leave us a comment below.

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