Interview with Bharatsinh Parmar, founder of Sky High Adventure Club


Between all the adventure, we finally got hold of Mr. Bharatsinh Parmar, the founder of Sky High Adventure Club, 2 times Limca Book of Record Holder, and 6 times India book of Record Holder in Biking! Not just that, he is M.A and M.P.Ed by qualification. It was an amazing conversation which we bring to you here –

Describe yourself in one sentence.

We are passionate about any Adventure Activity.

Tell us about your team at Sky High Adventure Club.

We have government approved instructor team for mountaineering and a strong team who is specialist for various adventure activities.

When and how did you decide to start Sky High Adventure Club?

It started from my college days where I had a zeal and willingness to participate in different adventure activities. In the process, I participated in the Mountaineering Course provided by Gujarat Government at Mount Abu, Rajasthan. I developed that I was extremely good in Mountaineering. I learned lots of new things and ultimately there came a day when I was promoted to provide training to the Instructors. I developed a liking towards Biking, which was my passion as well. However, I did face lots of difficulties in pursuing what I was willing to do and one of the primary reason was lack of knowledge of Adventure activities among General Public. There came a point in 2010 that I came up with an idea of starting full-fledged Adventure Club. I, Bharatsinh Parmar, founder of Sky High Adventure Club has been providing my contribution towards Adventure Industry since last 14 years however the club has been established since last 4 years.

How did you get the initial funding and traction?

I had personal savings which were invested as Capital to start Sky High Adventure Club. Apart from that I also borrowed some funds from my Friends and Relatives.

How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

Core Competences of our Organisation are:
i. Highly Trained, Professional and Experienced Instructors.
ii. We have developed our own campsites across different locations of the country, hence we do not have to depend on Hotels and other Adventurist to provide us the location.
iii. Support of 21 National Records

How do you spread the word or handle the marketing for Sky High Adventure Club?

Initially our experience had supported us to expand in our city. I, Bharatsinh Parmar, is Scout Commissioner of Rajkot District, hence have very good contacts at local level. The same network has supported the Club extremely well to expand locally. As far as reaching other parts of the Country is concerned we have done quite well till this point on getting ourselves on the front page of Google Search. Hence, our online marketing has been supporting us a lot in order to expand our reach to every nook and corner of the country. Our marketing plan is to meet as many schools and corporate as possible on day to day basis.

sky high adventure club

Since your operations are mostly offline, in what ways do you think the web and social media has contributed to your startup?

We started on base of our experience of 10 years. Initially our local contacts helped us to expand. However, slowly and steadily we accepted and started making our presence felt on Web and Social media. We took an initial step of launching our Website, a website where each and every achievement of ours has been reflected along with different activities we excel in. We have now started expanding ourselves on Facebook and other social media platforms. Our Facebook page of the founder has approximately 3,000 Friends.

Where do you see your startup in 5 years’ time?

We are planning to expand ourselves and make our presence felt in each and every city of the country. Beyond that we are planning to make our presence felt outside India.

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing?

Hurdles and Obstacles are bound to be part of a Start-up, we completely understand that. We take it as a challenge to overcome the same. The biggest hurdle that we are still facing is the fact that there are certain people who are completely spoiling the industry. They have a created a negative impact in the minds of people, because they do not provide enough food and warm clothes to children during the camp.

Where are you currently focusing your spending?

We are planning to expand ourselves through the mode of Franchisee. Hence, we are making huge investments in expanding our number of campsites. The other part of funding is invested into making ourselves technically sound, in order to keep all our franchisees connected with us.

Name 2 trends in your domain that excite you.

We are connected with youth of the country and lots of expeditions with records. We get a chance to capture varied number of moments/expressions. We also get a chance to meet different people and get to see unexplored locations of the country.

What do you wish you’d known before you started?

We wished we would have met and developed understanding about our competitors.

You are a 2 times Limca Book of Record Holder and 6 times India book of Record holder! What’s the plan from here?

We have already achieved 21 National Records and we are looking to break a record of riding a bike for continuously 24 hours. Along with that we are planning to break a record of reaching a peak of 14,000 ft. height, which would be implemented by 14 Children with the age of 14 years.

With the knowledge you have today, would you do anything different if you were to startup again?

We presently are carrying an experience of 4 years. So we have learned a lot of things and are still in the process of learning new activities. If given chance, we would definitely like to redesign our marketing strategies.

Can you convince the reader to join Sky High Adventure Club in under 50 words

We specialize in biking expeditions, cycling tours, jungle safaris, trekking-camping-hiking, nature awareness camps, nature trails, birding trips, romancing the mountains and sleeping under the stars.

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