Interview With Sagar Grover From Keep Calm Desi


Keep Calm Desi is an online retail store where you can find high quality customized gifts like t-shirts, bags, iPhone covers, pen drives, coffee mugs, beer koozies, shot glasses and scores of other funky stuff.

I had a brief Interview with Mr. Sagar Grover from Keep Calm Desi to find about it more.

Keep Calm Desi - Home

Keep Calm Desi – Home

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I asked him all sorts of questions which you might have in your mind about this Fast- Growing Start-Up.

So here we go for the Rapid Fire!

1) How would you describe Keep Calm Desi under 50 words?

Keep Calm Desi is a start-up by college students, an effort to make people proud of our very own Desi Culture. As marketing students we never wanted to work for corporate wearing shirt & tie to the office each day.

2) What made you decide to start working on Keep Calm Desi?

After delivering our first informal order (for the college fest), we realized that we should make something big from this, thus started Keep Calm Desi.

3) How did you come up with the name?

Initially the idea was about launching “Keep Calm Tees in a desi way”, so this was the perfect and easiest name we could think off.

4) What was technically the most challenging part of developing Keep Calm Desi?

As we all were from non IT background, the online selling part was most difficult.

5) How long did it take to put together Keep Calm Desi?

It took us all & all 6 months to get everything together including the design and the website.

6) Do you have any new features in the pipeline or for future?

We have a policy of launching uber design products every fortnight. So our brains keep on working.

7) Has Keep Calm Desi got the feedback and growth you expected since launch?

Yes definitely, our source of motivation has been growth only.

8) How much Traffic do you get on an average?

We get more than 250+ hits daily and more than 50% are new visitors.

9)How much regular do you update your site Keep Calm Desi in average month?

Our  website is updated every week with new products and images.

10)Who do you see as your target audience?

Every Desi out there! Age no bar, gender no bar.

11) Who is your biggest competitor?

We are in a market situation where you do not get to have monopoly but we are surely in front with our Custom Made Keep Calm T-Shirts.

12) What advantages does Keep Calm Desi have over its competitors?

We are young and here to stay with new idea regarding design and we guess its time for our competition to retire!

13) What is the biggest hurdle/Problem you have faced or are still facing?

Technical Sh*t.

Keep Calm Desi - Startup Products

Keep Calm Desi – Startup Products

So That was Mr. Sagar Grover from Keep Calm Desi, The One of the Crusaders of Desi-ism!                  It was pleasure interviewing him!


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