Interview with Hardik Patel and Govind Prajapati, Founders at NOESiS


NOESiS is a web design and development company which provide low-cost web, mobile, and SEO services to small to midsize and corporate businesses. We had a conversation with Hardik Patel and Govind Prajapati, the founders of NOESiS to understand more about their work and how to handle the immense competition in the web services space.

Describe yourself in a single sentence.

We describe ourselves as NOESiS – Purest form of Idea and Knowledge.

Describe your startup in under 50 words?

NOESiS was born with an intense desire to be recognized as one of the best IT companies. We have set our goals right at the beginning to become a pioneer in-house studio for mobile applications and games and to deliver high-end products to the clients.

How did you come up with the name NOESiS?

Being freshly passed-out graduates, we were very enthusiastic about our venture, and wanted to name our company something which would represent ourselves, our perceptions and the kind of work we do. Hence, after going through lots of discussions, we finally settled down on naming our company as NOESiS, which means, psychological result of perception, learning, and reasoning.

Tell us about the founders.

Govind Prajapati, a man who made his dream come true by executing his plan of starting up a venture. In true sense, he is the backbone of NOESiS, who is a passionate entrepreneur and has buckled down to take NOESiS where it is today and is still continuing to do so.

Hardik Patel is the co-founder of NOESiS and has been with Govind Prajapati right from the scratch,and then suddenly the dream of one man became the dream of their both. And genuinely, it’s with the help of Hardik Patel and his marketing skills that NOESiS is there where it is now.

How are you funded?

Being just passed-out graduates, it was difficult for us to raise funds from external sources. And thus we funded our own venture with a nominal investment. When we got our first project, we invested the revenue we generated through that project into our business. This went on for quite a period of time, until there was a time when we started feeling short of investment. During this period, we decided to approach our kin instead of approaching from outside sources (you know what I am talking about- yeah the banks!) frankly, because we were scared that our loan application will be rejected and that would make us feel dejected.

With a large number of companies in the web and mobile development, how do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

As the market is full of web designing companies, we feared a bit about the competition. But on the other hand, we had complete faith in ourselves and wanted to prove what NOESiS means. Hence we differentiated ourselves with novel and unique ideas. Though we entered into the market late, but we studied what services other companies were providing and differentiated ourselves from others. We always took this as an advantage for us.



How big is your team, and how big do you want it to be in a year?

We started off with 2 people and currently have a team of 8 members, who, with their extraordinary skills, developed quality products. We definitely, have thought to expand ourselves from micro-entities to small size company and to grow so on. But at present, we are focusing to be big in terms of our achievements.

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing?

As mentioned earlier, the phase when we were in financial crises, was our biggest hurdle. We overcame it with utmost optimistic attitude, without panicking. It does not mean, that this was our only hurdle. We believe that, with every project undertaken by us, we have to face many hurdles and we will treat them as an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves and will face it with the same positive attitude.

Tell us about your first customer and how you pitched them for your services.

Our very first customer was GM(a company dealing with Electrical Equipment, located in Mumbai). The company was looking for inventory software for their warehouses to manage their stock. This opportunity we got through one of our friend. We had an advantage, that our friend had informed us before the meeting, and so we prepared ourselves by gathering the necessary information and pitched them about how by our expertise we can develop a software that can help them managing the records of their stock.

Name 2 trends that excite you.

Firstly, it’s the Rodinhoods, because this forum has helped many upcoming entrepreneurs like us to solve their doubts and is still answering to do so without even asking any questions. And then it’s iOS, it’s amazing to see how apple is coming up with new features and how people have showed their interest in iOS.

What do you wish you’d known before you started?

To be frank, we’d wish that we had the guidance about how to collect funds for the startups. But as we passed that hurdle, we feel more confident about ourselves.

What advice would you offer to any soon to be startup founders out there?

We strongly feel that we are not yet eligible to give advices to the startup, We can only share information with each other and help them and us both grow. Though one advice I would like to give, that don’t lose hope, as every business takes a quite considerable time to gloom and for any other advices The Rodinhood Forums are always there.

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