Interview: Mr Adi Eyal From GETONIC


GETONIC is an Rapidly Expanding Israeli start-up , Its forte is to build  tools for small businesses and firms who want to sell their products/services through social networking websites such as Facebook.  I had a brief Interview with Mr. Adi Eyal, The CEO of GETONIC to find some more about it.

Mr Adi Eyal - CEO - GETONIC

Mr Adi Eyal – CEO – GETONIC

Let us begin!

1) How would you describe GETONIC in under 50 words?

GETONIC is a social commerce platform that enables sellers to build commercial offers in seconds, distribute them to social networks and offer a complete shopping experience inside their fans’ social feeds. The platform also includes a built-in affiliation program that incentivizes users to share the offer and earn commission for each purchase they generate.


2) What made you decide to start working on GETONIC?

Ecommerce didn’t change since the 90s when it was invented by companies like eBay and Amazon, while the internet world has moved to social.  People are building their ecommerce stores on traditional ecommerce sites and waiting for customer that doesn’t arrive. Why waiting for the customers to come, if you can send your stores directly to your customers’ social feed?!


3) How did you come up with the name?

The name GETONIC came from the words “Get It” that we had on our BUY button.   We tried to create a new word similar to Get It, that will be catchy, easy to spell and with free domain.


 4) What was technically the most challenging part of developing GETONIC?

The most challenging development in our system was the affiliation mechanism.  We need to monitor thousands of stores who are distributed in social networks, monitor who is buying from whom, and manage the commission accounts that need to be paid to the promoters.


5) How long did it take to put together GETONIC?

It took us one year to build the first version, but this is a continues efforts that continues to evolve every day.


 6) Do you have any new features in the pipeline or for future?

Yes, our biggest development in the future would be to provide our sellers with better automation, distribution and advertising tools, so they will be able to reach not only their current communities but much beyond.


7) Has GETONIC got the feedback and growth you expected since launch?

Yes, we got good feedback and we have a very nice growth, but you have to understand that the path to commercial success is a long journey of optimization in motion: listening carefully to your consumers’ feedback, analysing the data every way you can, adapting and modifying, and working through this cycle as many times as necessary


8) How much Traffic do you get on an average?

We have tens of thousands of views to our stores a day, thousands of visitors to our site and hundreds of new sellers every day.


9) How much regular do you update your site GETONIC in average month?

Minor changes every week and major updates once a month.


10) Who do you see as your target audience?

Our target audience is very diverse, anyone who wants to sell online.From micro business up to big corporate selling digital goods as well as physical goods.The verticals that use our platform mostly are: Music, eBooks, Crafts, Cosmetics and fashion.


11) Who is your biggest competitor?

We have few direct competitors that offers in-feed stores like Zoopshop and  Moontoast, but our main competitors on customers mind share are still the traditional eCommerce platforms like eBay & Amazon and the new comers like  Atsy and Shopify .


12) What advantages does GETONIC have over its competitors?

GETONIC is the only platform that offer in-feed-store + Multi-platform support + Automation tools + Built-in affiliation platform


13) What is the biggest hurdle/Problem you have faced or are still facing?

The biggest challenge is to find our target audience and convince them to sign for the service. Sellers are confused! On one hand they have huge variety of social commerce platforms to choose from, but on the other hand none of them really help them to sell.

Our challenge is to explain to them why with our platform they will be able to increase sales. - Home – Home

So That was Mr. Adi Eyal from GETONIC, One of of Upcoming Promising Entrepreneurs of 21st Century! ! It was pleasure interviewing him!


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