5 Indian TV shows that really need to go off air


There are shows that get us all crazily excited about the next episode and then there are shows that make us want to scream and rage at the TV screen for still being telecasted. We’ve all had our share of the second kind and no matter our fervent prayers to the TV Gods the shows just wouldn’t get over! Here’s a list of those show that NEED to go off air, like right now.

Diya Aur Baati Hum


When we first met the show’s female lead who wanted to become an IPS officer but gets married instead, we all sympathized with her and looked forward to what will happen to her dream. The show began in 2011 and she achieved her dream in 2014, and yet we are still seeing a lot of Sandhya and her family. The show will be celebrating its fifth birthday this August and we have already had enough of it that we just can’t wait for it to end.

Palak Pe Jhalak


There isn’t a ninety’s kid around who wasn’t a fan of That’s So Raven. But this Indian version of our favourite supernatural teen sitcom is enough to drive anyone nuts, let alone true TSR fans. Though it’s relatively new, being started sometime in September last year, viewers are already hoping they’ll shut this one soon.

Sasural Simar Ka


Started in the year 2010, the show follows the lives of two sisters who married brothers and went on to live together with their in-laws. The has had enough of twists and turns that includes soppy saas-bahu drama, husband-wife drama, drama with in-laws, drama between the sisters and every imaginable drama sequences on earth. Add to it heavy doses of supernatural interventions and we’re already at the ends of our toleration power. I mean, end it already!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Though the show is around two years old (young, compared to other unending shows of boredom) the lack of a definite storyline is total downer that we’d rather see it replaced with some other fun show. I mean, viewers of today can only take in so many soap opera and there’s too much of it around without added on by this show which has no idea where it’s going. Time to shut down, maybe?

Balika Vadhu


Last, but so not the least, this show with a whopping run of 8 years come July is a clear winner! Balika Vadhu has been on air and has been running successfully with over 2000 episodes. The female lead is the victim of child marriage and the show follows her life (for 8 long years!) and now that she’s a married grownup and a mom, it’s definitely time to end the show.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the actual number of Indian TV shows that have long overstayed their welcome. It is definitely time for their directors to let it go and move on. Like, on an emergency basis.


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