How to Increase Your Instagram Likes and Followers


In the era of social media, we all want to look attractive and such likes and followers are very important at this time. Most of us determine a profile or a picture with our follower’s quantity and likes. So at this time, we all are likes and followers seekers. Social media is like a platform where you present yourself or your business very easily. If your friend is getting 3 or 4k followers and you have only 200 followers then you must be disappointed. There is such a kind of insecurity about yourself and you want to increase your followers and likes. Also if you want to start a business then social media is the best option to present your business.  

When your followers increase you get a better opportunity to engage with them and create a better experience with them.  So in this context, you must have a question: how to get free Instagram likes? There are some strategies to increase your followers. There is also some Instagram free followers app such as GetInsta.

Instagram followers growth

Some strategies to increase Instagram followers

There are 10 best ways to increase followers:

1.       By optimizing your account

To gain followers, one of the most important strategies is to have a fully optimized account. Your brand name should be on the homepage.

2.       Come with a proper content strategy

If you come up with random content that will not attract people then it will be careless of you. To create the proper content which attracts your followers.

3.       Design your Instagram profile to get maximum engagement

Your profile must be interested and attractive. So for that, you may change your user name and add some attractive words on your bio and also use some hashtags.

4.       Post photos that grab attention

To grab attention, post your original and relevant photos with a dominant filter. Your photo must have a theme.

5.       Attractive captions for your post

Captions attract people as much as photos. So with your picture add an attractive and long caption.

6.        By creating a posting schedule

You can use some hashtags which give you visibility. Post your 1-2 photos or videos per day, add 6-25 stories in a day. You can also share a live video each day.

7.       Be an active member

Be an active member by following back, reply with a comment, by mentioning someone, like and comments on others photos, like other’s comments that you are interested in.

8.       By watching Instagram ads

Instagram ads also help you to become an active member so start watching ads.

9.       Link your profile with your offline customer

Add your Instagram profile with your physical product, so your offline customers also follow you.

10.   Discover yourself or your brand

At this platform, you should discover your talent so people know about it and start liking your pages or your photos.

Others way:

The best way to gain free Instagram likes & followers you should sign in such Instagram followers app such as GetInsta. There are so many free followers for Instagram apps but most of them are fake. They provide you fake followers.

How it works

In those apps, people are getting coins by liking posts or following others. And with these coins, they can get free Instagram followers and likes for their Instagram posts. GetInsta is a very easy and 100% app that provides you real-time followers, a 100% automatic plan, no password, no verification, 24/7 support. GetInsta is a high-quality real & organic app so there is no risk.

You can download GetInsta from Google play store or apple store.


Increasing followers and likes are good but remember a like or a huge follower can’t define your talent. But as you liked it, you should do it.


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