Here’s How Vodka Can Essentially Change Your Life


Vodka, a beverage made of ethanol and water, is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. The beverage, which originated from Poland and Russia in the 1400s, is usually unflavoured, but there are several flavoured vodka drinks, which are usually used in cocktails. Apart from the use of it as a drink to have when relaxing with friends on a Friday night, there are other reasons why you should be drinking vodka!

Stress Buster

Scientific studies have shown that vodka is even better than red wine in alleviating stress. A small amount of it can put you to sleep quicker, and also have a soothing effect on your body and brain.  Keep it within the limit though; you wouldn’t want to be so drunk that you’ll be knocked out for a couple of days!


Dental Pain Reliever

Thanks to the disinfectant properties of the drink, vodka can also be used to relieve gum pain and toothache, and also keep away germs from your mouth.  Next time your teetotaller friend says alcohol is bad, mix some vodka in his mouthwash. He would never know the difference!

Helps in Weight Reduction

It can also prove to be useful for those looking to lose weight and are on a low calorie diet. Vodka has only 64 calories per ounce, which is significantly lesser than beer, which has 153 calories. You will have to exercise though, you can’t become ‘Slim Jim’ by gulping down bottles of it while sitting on the couch, watching soaps and chilling.


Skin Cleanser

Vodka also works very well in cleansing the pores of your skin and also tightening them. You can use it on your face directly by dabbing it in cotton and applying it on your face.

Protects from Heart Diseases

The drink has also been found to protect against cardiovascular diseases, as vodka helps in stimulating the free flow of blood in the body’s veins. A small quantity of vodka can increase high density lipoprotein (HDL) levels in the blood, which unclogs arteries. Heartbreaks and heartaches are cured by vodka!!


Can be used as an Antiseptic

Vodka can also be used to treat infections and wounds as it has antiseptic properties. A small quantity of vodka can be applied directly on a wound or infection to sterilize and disinfect wounds or blisters. Helps heals wounds on the inside and the outside – Vodka!

Footwear Odour Remover

To remove bad odour from shoes, mix vodka with distilled water and spray it onto the insides of your footwear. The alcohol content in the vodka kills bacteria which causes the bad odour.

Cleaning Agent

Vodka can also be used as a cleaning agent for keeping things in your house bright and shiny. From removing sticky label glue, to cleaning reading glasses, cleaning jewelry by soaking it in water and vodka, or removing moulds in bathroom tiles, vodka is a very useful tool!



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