How to Send Invitations Using Gmail


Most of us would have used outlook at our workplace for sending meeting / appointment invites. Gmail also comes with an option to send invites – which is even more accessible with the new Gmail compose layout. Gmail invitations are reflected in your Google Calender just like Outlook Invitations reflect in the Outlook Calender. Now, learn how to send invitations using Gmail:

Step 1 –  Create a new email by clicking on Compose (Try Shift+Compose for a small surprise)

Step 2 – Click on the “+” Icon at the bottom right and them on the Invitations Icon as shown below:

how to send invitation using gmail-1

Step 3 – Once you click on the invitations icon, a new pop-up will ask you for the details of the invitation as follows:

how to send invitations using gmail-2

Once you enter the invitation details and click on “Insert Invitation”, the invite will be inserted in your email.


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