How to Access Blocked Sites Using Proxifier


Proxifier is a software program which can make other programs pass through a proxy server by intercepting and modifying their socket library calls. You can find one at , on which this tutorial is based.

Step 1 : Download a Free-Port Scanner, you can download one from here :

It would Look something Like this :


Step 2: Find your IP address by going to sites like
                and enter your IP address in the BOX provided. Then Hit Scan Button.
It will Take some time, please be patient.

Step 3: Now find the port whose description is given as ACTIVE. Note down this port number.

Step 4: Download Proxifier.  

It would Look something Like This:


Now,  Chose to Configure proxy settings as shown;


Step 5: Go to Configure Proxy Server Settings > ADD >

Enter your IP address and the port [the active port found out using Free-Port Scanner] in the given space.

Chose HTTPS > OK.

Step 6: Enjoy the sites which were previously Blocked.

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  1. hi.. i just downloaded nsauditor version however i cant find the scan option of my ip address.. could you plz help..?

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