These home bakers are going viral with fidget spinner cookies!


These home bakers are going viral with fidget spinner cookies! While fidget spinners are all the rage on the internet, these home bakers decided to bake some creative mouth-watering spinner cookies. We got in touch with these amazing young creatives bakers to chat with them about this trending cookies

Shruti Vijh – New Delhi

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How did you start baking?

I wanted to bake a birthday cake for my best friend, and I didn’t know how to bake until then. I subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels and bought books in order to get a hang of it.

The first couple of cakes came out nice, but series of cake right after that were a recipe of disaster. I would almost have given up on it, until I gave a pep talk to myself that only I can turn all the bad cakes around and turn all of it into good ones.

The birthday passed and I fell in love with baking. With word of mouth, people started placing orders. It almost feels like it just happened to me. I love how baking doesn’t feel like work, and I get new canvases to do every morning.

How did you get the idea for baking fidget spinners?

I’m sure everyone who has little kids around would know how difficult it is to make them eat at times especially when something distracting like fidget spinner has been given to them. My nephew wouldn’t leave it and stay put for his meals. Also, he loves to weigh ingredients for me while I bake.

I thought this could be something fun and engaging for him. We started baking only to find out how difficult it was to have the cookie spin in this humid weather. After umpteen attempts, we finally got it right. He loved that he could decorate, spin and eat the fidget spinner cookies.

Soumya Shukla – Bangalore

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How do you manage work and baking?

Managing baking as a hobby and work: I just love cooking and baking. I pounce on any opportunity to cook, be it putting up a stall on a weekend, or inviting friends to a party and then spending all the time cooking. I love it when people enjoy my food.

What motivated you to bake fidget spinner cookies?

My husband was playing with it all the time. I wanted him to have his spinner and eat it too!

Aleshna Poddar – Mumbai

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How did you start baking?

I always wanted to be a baker. Turning the can’ts into cans and dreams into plans, baking became my mainstream life.

What motivated you to bake fidget spinner cookies?

Trend always goes in the right direction and nothing you do for children is ever wasted so why not bake some spinner cookies

The bakers have also started delivering Fidget Spinner Cookies. The spinner cookies can be ordered at if you’re in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore.  


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