Helpful Ideas for Your Co-Working Space (For Australian Startups)


Australia is not only famous for its outback, wildlife and beaches, it has always been a nation of small businesses too. Start-ups thrive in this country such as Canva, Atlassian and 99Designs to name a few. They are the exciting dynamic sector of the economy but do not get the recognition it deserves from the government and media.

Businesses with less than 20 employees represent 98% of all businesses in the country. Small businesses comprise 35% of Australia’s GDP and 44% of its workforce. Additionally, 76.2% of these small businesses employ no more than four people. Of course, before starting a business, you must know how to register a company in Australia.

Co-Working Spaces

Working in a relaxed but professional environment is becoming more attractive to Australians. There are about 35,000 flexible workspaces worldwide. That represents 521 million square feet of space that can be used for various types of office jobs. According to data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, freelancers now comprise 10% of all employment. The majority of these freelancers are the main customers of co-working spaces. However, some office employees also use co-working spaces.

Individual or Collaborative Spaces

On average, it is necessary to provide between 100 and 250 square feet per client to keep them comfortable. The type of co-working space you want to provide will determine how much space you need. Will you concentrate on private or collaborative work? For private work, there should be more individual workspaces and fewer communal areas. For collaborative work, more boardrooms and communal spaces should be provided.

For freelance workers, high-speed internet is the number one requirement. Information is vital in freelance work, and providing this in the way of getting high-speed internet will attract more clientele. Set up ethernet plugs for each private workstation and boardroom.

Attracting Customers

Every coworking space needs a theme. The number of clients your establishment will attract depends on what your theme is. Naturally, you must have a professional environment that is suitable for freelancers. A clean and quiet environment is essential for more efficient work. You also need to provide enclosed boardrooms for groups to collaborate without disturbing individual workers.

Some extra features, like comfortable couches, will go a long way into making your spaces stand out from your competition. If it is not possible to have a cafeteria, set up a small kitchen with coffee, tea, milk, and sugar, and make them high-quality. Your clients will appreciate you for it.


Keeping everything fun will separate your establishment from everyone else’s. If possible, try to provide recreational facilities like foosball, table tennis, or a collection of interesting books to read. Remember, keeping it fun will make your spaces conducive for working.

Outside work hours, organize small get-togethers like barbecues, trivia nights, and happy hour. These activities will make everybody feel that your establishment is not just for working, but for everything else too. The more relaxed your clients are, the better the possibility of them returning. Give them a sense of community, and they will keep coming back.

There are still a lot of things to do before starting a coworking space business. As mentioned, it is essential to know how to register a company in Australia. Then, think about financing, market research, business plan, etc. What is important is knowing what your business is all about and what separates you from the competition. It also gives you the advantage of deciding what your main goals are.

Guest Author Bio: Shirley Daniel is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.


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