Your Health Is As Important As Your Business


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Being responsible for managing a business is a tremendous personal achievement. However, with such a commitment comes the challenge of finding time to maintain your health alongside the business. It is easy to become fully immersed in looming deadlines and time-consuming tasks, making the subject of health low on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, this is often done at the expense of overall well-being. By ignoring health issues and possible warning signs, however small they may initially seem, means there is a possibility of potentially damaging health problems in the future.

Many health conditions can affect those who are predominantly responsible for managing a business. High blood pressure is the most commonplace amongst such workers, closely followed by obesity. Both conditions share many causes, particularly stress and overwork. However, they both arise from ignoring overall health while living a less than healthy lifestyle.

A bad work-life balance often sees managers snacking on unhealthy snacks and drinks throughout the day, eating lunch at their desk and not getting out of the workplace to take regular breaks. Technology also plays a part in creating bad habits as managers are often unable to switch off when they leave the workplace. The body therefore never has time to fully shut off and sleep. A lack of sleep is detrimental and can lead to continuous health problems as the body hasn’t time to recuperate and struggles to fight off infections as exhaustion overtakes.

Technology, whilst great in many ways, also worryingly encourages a sedentary lifestyle. With so much available online, it is easy to sit behind a desk for most of the day communicating via screens, with little reason to move beyond that desk.

High blood pressure is a warning that should never be ignored because it is a sign that your body is not coping well with its current lifestyle. Similarly, obesity can be a contributing factor to high blood pressure. By implementing small but effective changes gradually into your working day, it is easy to successfully manage your health alongside your business:

  • Plan your working day to include a reasonable number of short breaks.
  • Switch off completely at the end of each working day and place a curfew on phone calls and emails.
  • Devise a calming bedtime routine and get at least seven hours sleep per night.
  • Do not eat at your desk, instead use your lunch breaks to get away from work, getting some fresh air whilst stretching your legs.
  • Cut down on caffeine and sugary based products and try introducing energy-boosting snacks.
  • Take up regular exercise or a sport which you enjoy, thus allowing you to keep your weight in check whilst having fun.

By modifying your lifestyle, and creating a healthy work-life balance, you ensure that not only does your overall health improve, but also your frame of mind. You are then able to return to business each day refreshed and revitalized and able to focus. Energy levels are restored, and your blood pressure levels are reduced, leaving you able to cope with the day ahead. With just a few easy steps and a resolve to stick to a better routine, it is simpler to take preventative measures now, rather than having to look for a cure later.


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