A Guide to Buying Bicycle Helmets



You need to remain vigilant while buying bicycle helmets. Keep in mind that as a protective gear, a helmet must be sturdy and durable. It’s better to spend your money on something that will last instead of buying cheap but low-quality helmets. If you do buy a low-quality helmet, you will only jeopardize your safety. 

High-quality helmets such as the Livall Helmet are preferable. Aside from a fair price, you’ll be able to get your hands on a long-lasting bicycle helmet.

Are you having trouble finding the right helmet? Here is a buying guide to help you find the one that best suits you!

Qualities of A Good Bike Helmet

When purchasing a helmet, you should look for these following qualities. By doing so, you will end up buying the best helmet option.

1. Size and Fit

The size and fitting of a bike helmet are exceptionally crucial. You have to make sure that the fit is not too loose or constraining as both sizes can cause you to lose attention on the road. If you’re buying from a physical store, test out the fit of your preferred helmet, and ask for sizes if you think it isn’t right. If you’re buying from an online shop, measure your head first. For example, Livall Helmet provides dimensions that you can use to help you decide on the right size.

2. Safety Components 

Consider the helmet’s liners, ventilation, straps, and shell. The straps of a helmet must be durable so that they don’t snap easily and the shell must be able to hold any pressure. Ventilation is also essential to make sure that you won’t experience overheating. A helmet that causes your head to overheat can make you uncomfortable and make you lose focus. 

Last, are the liners and single mold construction. Both are important because a coating absorbs the impact from an accident and the single mold construction makes the helmet sturdy yet lightweight.

3. Smart Helmet

If you prefer a modern or advanced form of helmet, you can look for one that offers smart technology. Smart helmets provide more benefits than traditional helmets such as hands-free phone experience and an accurate GPS. 

Advantages of Using A Bicycle Helmet

Do not hesitate to buy a good helmet because it’s a long-term investment for any cyclist.

Some of the advantages of a bike helmet are:

Protect Injuries from Brain

Severe neurological accidents can have a disastrous impact on the performance of the lives of an individual. The bulk of bicycle crash fatalities are also attributable to brain injuries. The use of a decent bicycle helmet might have avoided those fatalities. 

Make Your Cars More Visible

Many vehicle-related bike accidents occur because the car doesn’t see the biking driver. A highly painted jacket allows your vehicle to be more noticeable and reduces your likelihood of a car crash. During poor light conditions, you can go a stage further and put a reflecting cloth on to your cask.

Protection from The Weather

Many cycling suits have a convenient front view that helps to keep the components off your head. They give shadow to the sun, and they can remove rainfall from your vision so that during a brief storm, you can navigate easier.


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