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Google - review Richards

Google Search is one of the most highly used popular search engine, which works though the website as medium. Recently it started publishing apps where, these apps link with the back-end giving you the search results in much desired format. The recent app of Google was published in Windows 8.

This app is available of the Microsoft Store, for free download. This app is basically a search app, but still it has a bunch of utilities linked up with this app. We’ll have a crisp look at the Search engine’s added features in this app before we get into that. Well, in the home screen of the app is the search box, which gives the results matching the words you type there.

Google - review

This app also includes voice search, where you can go for a voice based search, just by dictating the word or phrase you need to search, to this app by pressing speak button. Clear technology takes you to surprisingly most time in needed results. With a beautiful full screen grid, just swipe to use the additional search facility, where you use pictures to grasp results. The image search works fine with logos, objects but not with Humans and complex objects.

As you search, you land in the result page, where you can have an instant preview by placing your pointer on the result, without visiting every website. Also cache is included through which you can instantly search with your previous search terms.

Google - review

The Google apps page binds many Google products under a single roof. This includes G-mail, Actualities, Photos, Translation, Google+, Maps, Voice, Drive, Reader and YouTube. The app though is just a replica of the website, still leaves good impression as the accessibility is made simple at an easy reach in the app.


App rating : 7.2/10


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