Google Mail (Gmail) vs Yahoo Mail (Ymail) : A Comparison Between the 2 Major Email Services


Ymail is product of yahoo! and Gmail is product of Google, here are some differences I observed between these two highly competitive mail services. Lets get started!!

1. In Gmail you have an option of chat which is absent in Ymail. Don’t consider the yahoo messenger or gtalk for a while, as they are not a part of the mail system. Gmail has coupled a new voice and video chat system with it and a unique ‘send SMS via mail’ concept has been evolved by the Google engineers!! I have to say it’s quite innovative. It offers you some 50 credits and you simply have to type the mobile no. against a column along with choosing the country of his/her residence. This is useful especially when someone abruptly leaves a chat and you desperately want to convey some important message or emotions..:):P



2. Gmail is considered to be more secure than Ymail because it has much smaller session expiry time than Ymail. It is also easy to save yourself from phishing attacks on Gmail by checking the sender’s actual email address by choosing an option ‘View Original’.



3. Gmail is free from picture ads, though there are few advertisements in the form of a single line above the inbox while Ymail has huge picture ads on the sides and even on the page where you login.

4. Ymail has the option of opening a no. of tabs at the same time from a long time while Gmail has recently incorporated that feature in it, and their tabs are opened in smaller size while you can see the rest of inbox/sent/spam, it is useful especially when you are lazy being copying an email address using Ctrl+C and just want to view it from a folder inside Gmail while you type another mail. Along with that Gmail has recently made 3 tabs called ‘primary’, ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ which automatically judges the type of mail and sends it appropriately in either of these or else spam. Even the spam system of Gmail is more sophisticated and powerful than Ymail.

5. One problem with Gmail is that if you create your own folder say ‘facebook’ and you start cutting your facebook mails from your inbox and pasting it into folder ‘facebook’, then the next time a facebook mail arrives you natural instinct will say that it should land in ‘facebook’ folder but you will be shocked that gmail doesn’t understand that minor thing. But Ymail seems pretty smart here. Try it and you will know it better.

Well i have account on both and enjoy the benefits of both the mails as that compensates the limitations of each other!!

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