Google Fiber – Internet at Lightning Speed – 1 Gbps


Have you ever got fascinated if your download speed increases while you are downloading a file on the Internet? I suppose you did. Did you ever think that a HD movie can be downloaded in just a minute? If you haven’t now it’s the time to realize that it is possible. Google is now offering the Internet services by the name Google Fiber which delivers speeds up-to 1 Gbps which is absolutely remarkable.

google fiber

I would consider myself lucky to be born in an era that has witnessed development at lightning speed in almost all sectors. Advancement is the essence of today’s world. Speed and efficiency are the two important factors that one would consider primarily if a particular task has been assigned. We humans are deliberate in getting our work done at the earliest. This quality has enhanced developments from ages. Evolution is a quintessential factor in the modern world.

Google Fiber is one such evolution that has been creating vibes from around 4 months. Already Google Fiber has been set up in Kansas City and Missouri and the response is simply stunning.  The Web Search Giant, which primarily offered this facility in the cities of Kansas and Missouri out of thousand cities that were initially thought of. Google Fiber is not for free, unlike the free services it offered in its hometown Mountain View, California. This advancement is for-profit business and will definitely fetch revenues desired as it seems to have a phenomenal changeover on the Internet era. It is obvious that this shift over take enormous amount of time, but will surely turn around things. The magnitude of the development is huge and its gravity is enormous. Google is very selective about the area in which has to be first implemented, Kansas City has an Internet Service Provider (ISP) called the Time Warner Cable which can deliver a maximum speed of 50 megabytes per second, but will be overshadowed when Google Fiber shows its dominance. The testing was done when 60 staff members showed the power of this connection when the simultaneously stream around 8 High Definition videos On YouTube.

Start-up village in Kerala, India is the second place in the world to get this opportunity of accessing this high speed Internet. This village in Kerala is near Cochin which is converging spot of two undersea cables and also offers tremendous bandwidth which is required for such huge transfer rates. This development has to be patted and Google deserves applaud for its novelty.

Apparently, these speeds are at their budding stages and can be a threat to the current Internet providers as the providers of the Internet do not have the required equipment. When the proper equipment is available and the necessary support has been sanctioned to the companies providing Internet then this speed is achievable in almost all parts of the world.


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