Gmail – New Compose and Reply Experience


Gmail recently introduced a new format for new emails and replies. Some of you might have noticed this a few days ago with the small hyperlink “new compose experience”:

gmail new compose experience

This was available previously but has been rolled out as a full-fledged feature now. The new compose experience gives you a faster and cleaner way to compose new emails from Gmail. You might have noticed that a number of times you really want to refer to old emails while sending new ones. Previously, you had to save the current email as draft, go and look for the old email, then come back and send the email.

The new Gmail compose lets you compose emails from a small new window while allowing you to refer to and browse through your inbox at the same time. This new compose email window pops up – something similar to Gmail chat – Hence, this makes sending new emails faster and easier. The look and feel of the new compose box is minimal and clean. This lets you focus on what’s important.

gmail new compose

The best thing about Gmail’s new compose is the ability to send multiple emails at once. This is one thing which was really missing from Gmail and also adds a great experience to sending emails. You can write and compose multiple emails in the same window at the same time:

gmail multiple emails

The new Gmail reply is just to align to the new compose – and to give a clean look. Well, this is also a value add as it shows you only what you need. At the same time, if you’re replying to multiple people / using multiple email ids in the same Gmail inbox, you might find it a little more time consuming than the old reply format:

gmail new reply

Overall, the new compose by Gmail is effective and helpful while the new reply is good for most people but might be a little annoying for others. Let us know your thoughts on the same.


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