Gmail – Create Calender Events Directly from Time References in Emails


Gmail now let’s you create calender events directly from your emails. If your email has time / date references, Gmail will show an “Add to Calender” option on these time references. All you need to do is click on the date / time and Gmail will do the rest for you. The subject, time, date will be added automatically and you can create a calender event without adding any details!

The following is a mail for a mock examination. The time and date in the email are automatically linked by Gmail to add a new calender event:

gmail calender

Even the subject of the calender event is taken automatically from the email title / content.
The same goes for any email which mentions a date / time. For instance, the following is a mail for a job interview:

gmail calender

This feature makes it easier to create events and set up reminders for events by directly adding to calender from your emails. Try it out and let us know your comments.


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