Getting Started with Microsoft Windows 8


Microsoft, the creator of the Windows OS, has a huge customer base all over the world. It has brought a huge difference with its well-designed operating system, when there were only few command line systems before. Now, it has 54.5% worldwide users, for Microsoft windows 7.


In 2012, Microsoft is coming up with the new version of Windows known as “Windows 8”.  Its new operating system will give a massive competition to all other vendors who produce their own products like Apple Macintosh, Linux distributions, etc.

Microsoft Windows 8 was proved as a good product in its Developer’s preview, better in its Release preview and it’s quite obvious that it will prove as the best operating system ever launched in coming days. It is an advanced Operating System in terms of Graphical User Interface, Performance, and sensible & responsive touch capabilities.

Windows 8 will support devices like Desktops, Laptops, Mobile phones and touch capable devices like ARM Tablets.

It is yet to be released, and promises to have exciting new features which are not present in its previous versions.

New features in Microsoft Windows 8:

1. Metro Style Design:  A new trend in Graphical User Interface which was already reviewed by most of the Tech buddies and they call it as Metro Style Design. It is completely different from the other user interfaces. It allows the users to interact and immerse with the environment to achieve better interaction between the user and the shell. It is completely removed the start menu facility, instead we have a start screen. We could find all our apps which are downloaded and pre-installed with a button press on the Windows button available on our keyboard.


2. Tiles: It is the replacement of Icons style in its prior versions. It gives us live notifications, push messages etc.,
3. Multi windows for multi-tasking:  Unlike in older versions of Windows, we can now freely view multiple windows and work simultaneously on them. It is an efficient way of doing the Multi-tasking. This functionality is known as Snapped state view.


4. Charm bar:  It was a long procedure needed to reach the control panel in Windows 7 or older versions. But Windows 8 has given us the benefit of using charm bar. It is embedded in the shell as a dock and comes out with the user interaction. It will help users access the system wide functionality’s and settings. It has Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings options.


5. Windows Store:  Users can now download our favorite apps from the dedicated store itself just like Apple store and Market in Android. There are so many developers who are deploying their apps for the store. The store provides users more than 10 categories for apps.
Example: I have developed an Application for Windows 8.


6. SkyDrive:  This app allows us to store user data directly through this app to the Cloud using the user’s unique Microsoft account.

7. Multimedia:  It is provided with well-designed players for both music as well as video.


8. Games: The Xbox app is one of the most interactive Metro Style Applications which is capable of allowing many users to play online games.


9. Messenger:  It allows us to connect with many of our Social Networking sites and other online services like Facebook, Google, Live messenger etc.,

10. Internet Explorer 10 Metro:  After installing windows 8 in your computer, you’ll like even IE 10 because of its improvements in boot-up time, in terms of performance, and the built-in Flash Player and more.


11. Performance:  It has to be quoted with an experience but not with an imagination.
My personal experience: “It is working great in terms of Speed, Data transfer (enhanced). I don’t want to compare with its prior versions because it is a unique”. I can say that, no need to use Terra byte for copying. (My opinion)


12. Task manager:  Complete information about your system with a well-designed interface which includes Processes, Performance, and App history, Start-up, Users, Details and Services. Did I miss anything?


 12. Windows Defender:  Simply I can say one thing after seeing its functionality, “Don’t buy anti-virus software”. (Own experience)

 13. USB v3.0:  The technology used in Windows 8 to gives additional benefits in order to enhance the speed of removable devices up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. Microsoft is also providing its native drivers to give the promising speed of USB 3.0.

Microsoft has opened all its gates and is ready to launch its final version of Windows 8 on October 26th, 2012. I’m sure you would enjoy the company of metro-style design, look and feel of the product.

I’m already in a queue to own this product, when will be your turn?


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