How to Get Unique Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Finishes


When undertaking the exciting yet challenging task of remodeling a kitchen, there are loads of options out there and just as many questions to ask. From the type of cabinet to the finish, you’ll need to make numerous decisions, so understanding the pros and cons of what’s available is sure to lead you in the right direction.

In this article, we explore the important considerations to help you understand the process a little better and realize your dream kitchen. Let’s make it easier for you.


Ripping out old cabinets presents the opportunity to find a look and feel that you love. Generally, you’ll be choosing between face-frame and frameless cabinets. Face frame cabinets have hinges on the outside of the box, appearing as a frame around the doors and drawers. The advantage of them is excellent durability, but that likely comes at the cost of storage space and frame flexibility.

The European style frameless cabinets, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly popular because of their style. They have additional storage space because the hinges are inside and offer an entirely different aesthetic. 

While both options have tremendous appeal, it’s worth considering the look, feel, and efficiency that you prefer as well as your budget and space constraints. Browsing through the catalogs of reputable suppliers that offer discount kitchen cabinets is a good start and can help narrow down the options.


Because we spend so much time in our kitchens, there is obviously the factor of durability to consider. Constant opening and closing of drawers and cabinets leads to stains, grease marks and wear on your cabinetry, so choosing functional options that also meet the style of your choice is an advisable option.

Pickled finishes have become trendy for style, by giving natural wood a lighter appearance because of a pigment being painted onto the surface. Unfortunately, this is mostly cosmetic as the protective properties of the pigment are minimal.

One of the alternatives is polyurethane, which adds no aesthetic whatsoever, but helps with the emission of gases. It can be applied over any finish but needs to cover all of the surfaces to be effective.

The other standard options are polyester and lacquer, which are both durable and resistant to damage. They differ in that polyester is more challenging to repair because of its resistance to solvents, whereas lacquer can be removed far more easily. It will be easier to reapply the finish to the lacquer, but both are good choices if you’re looking for a high gloss on the color or stain of your cabinets.
It’s also helpful to find a great supplier of discount kitchen cabinets that will provide great value without compromising quality, while also assisting you along the way when necessary. Choosing a timeless classic can provide a functional and stylish kitchen that will age gracefully and stylishly. Reputable wholesalers are usually the most budget-friendly option and putting in a little effort by assembling cabinets yourself can save you as much as 50% off the final cost.


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