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Social media has played a vital role in our life it is either marketing, interacting or sharing some video, audio, text: social media affect every phase, here we will go through some smart tips while communicating with someone. Exactly, it is very essential to follow some techniques while interacting with anyone. We can see many social media accounts opened overnight. However, to make an effective interaction requires some attention.

Communication is an art and if you are interacting with social media, it is very important to identify and impress that person. A good interaction can build your brand image or can damage it. Conversely, without knowing these facts people start to interact with social media. Believe it is also very harmful for any organization not to follow some etiquette. Let us undergo some points for social media relations.

Get More Followers on Twitter


When you talk with someone who is unknown to you and wants to add to your contact list then there is a great chance of refusal, but do not slow down. When you follow someone and want to shake hands, start with “Hi” or “Hello” and show him that you like his profile and came to you by following his link. Try to impress him saying something exceptional.

The below is an example:

@devils_workshop following you since and just say, “Hi”, Get “Latest Technology News” and liked it

Offer Admiration:

After log in order to Twitter, your main aim is to expand your group for that a simple thank you for any comment on your profile or any new user approval is required. It will give a loyal impression of your followers and will share information in the future.

The further down is an example:

@Wikipedia Thanks for the follow and rating, but cannot wait to read your tweets. I am following back.


Communication is a two-way play. When you receive any comments on your content, it is now your turn to give compliments to others. When you give something, it will come back to you. This law also works in social media.

When you read some content on some profile, you should write as below:

It is really well-written articles about “Importance of EV SSL Certificates” must visit @ClickSSL using link

Question & Answer:

If you like to engage with more people try to ask questions them. It will build rapport with them, but carefully, communicate with specific people rather than a group. Generally, people like when someone writes about them, but in a proper manner. Sometimes visitors may feel embarrassed in giving any comment.

Brush up this pattern:

What are you trying to tell? RT @Alicefreriksen RT @TheGrok: How Big Data Became a Big Deal for a Marketer

As you know, communication has no perfect theory it changes from man to man, but there is some etiquette, which will help you to build a large group on such a platform. Try the above techniques and reveal how much benefit you got from this.

If you are here for the reason that you understand the authority power of Twitter as one of the highest mounting marketing platform on the web and you desire in on the action. Share only relevant information that will interest your target audience.

Twitter is best social platform to keep in touch with friends, or keeping up with what’s going on in the world — in particular trends in technology and news.

If you have any great ideas related to this post, the things you would like to notice, please leave in the comments. We love that.



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