How to Get the Best Out of Your Business Card


If you’ve just met a potential investor or partner who has shown some interest in your business, your best bet to have them get in touch with you later is to give them your business card.

While this may seem like a simple task, you need to ensure a lot of things so that the card doesn’t end up sitting in their pockets as they forget about you and your business. A simple accessory like a business card has the potential to make your business a big success. Here’s how you can make sure that it happens:

Design a Good Card

Designing a card that reflects your business while providing information in the best way to ensure that people pay attention to it. You should take a look at cards of similar businesses that have managed to become successful and include similar tactics when designing your own card or follow a different path to be more authentic. Make sure that the colour combinations you choose catch people’s eyes but are easy to look at.

The main purpose of having a business card is to provide people with important contact information that they would need in order to get in touch with you. You must allocate sufficient space on the card and clearly highlight your contact info.

Besides that, you should include as much information about your business as you can and try to grab the receiver’s attention by adding interesting details of your organization. You must also provide the name of your business along with a logo, if you have any.

 Adding all of this detail in an attractive manner will lead to the people who receive your card to get in touch with you and learn more about your business. You must also ensure that you get your cards printed on the best quality paper that is available.

It’s not just about phone numbers anymore

Until a few years back, simply adding a phone number along with the business and owner names would have been sufficient to warrant a follow-up from the receiver. Now, however, with hundreds of businesses vying for attention to make it big, there is little chance that a simple and basic business card will be able to get people interested in your business.

You will have to jazz up your card by adding attractive colour combinations, interesting facts about your business, and other similar things.

At present, almost all businesses have their own websites and social media accounts to market themselves in a better way. You can easily add your social media details on your business card. Adding your social media account info will increase the chances of the receiver visiting your profile and learning more about your business.

Not just that, you can also include a QR code on the card. When scanned, it would lead the person directly to your website. Putting in a QR code will help your card stand out and the chances of people following-up by visiting your website will increase.

Make the process interesting

Even if you try to do everything right, there is a high chance that most of the cards you distribute, will end up sitting on a desk for a long time without benefiting your business. If this happens, there will be no point in printing out cards and the entire exercise will become a waste of money. That’s why you shouldn’t just hand out cards, you should create a memorable experience for the person you are giving it to.

Whenever the opportunity arises to give someone your business card, ensure that you do something that will stick out in their memories. Compliment them about their business ideals or share some interesting facts about your industry or organization. If they remember you, the chances of them going through the card and contacting you later will increase to a great extent.

Add interesting facts

Don’t just add monotonous facts about your business. Add only the facts that are really important to know because the rest of the details can be found out when they get in contact with you. You should focus on adding some fun facts about your business that’ll differentiate it from other similar business cards that the person has received. These facts can also act as an ice-breaker in conversations. You can even add your picture to help people easily remember about you.

Apart from this, you can also consider a digital business card instead of a traditional one to show creativity to your prospects. It will also send out a message that you are updated with industry trends and keep up with it.  MobiloCard is one of the best options to get your professional digital business cards

Having the right business card can help your business reach newer heights of success as more and more people learn about it and get in touch with you.


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