How To Create A Business Fan Page On Google+


..And not get Deleted!

So, Google+ does not have fan pages for Brands..Or maybe it already does? Ever thought about using Google+ Circles as Fan Pages?

Why you should do it?

– Let’s face it, most of your fans hate Facebook. Moreover, Google+ Circles are much better alternatives than Facebook fan pages. Discussions, Notes, Questions & other Apps are good, but the main focus of the fans should be on your posts, right? That is where Circles come in. If you’re a company or brand looking for marketing or a blogger looking for readers, you need this bad.

And if you’ve already tried to create a business profile on Google+ and got kicked out, You know what i mean.

How to do it?

– Here’s how you can implement Google+ Circles as Facebook Fan Pages. Just follow these simple steps. Check for any old notifications on Google+ before you begin.

Step 1 – Let your Facebook fans know about your presence on Google+

Just share your Google+ profile on your fan page on Facebook to do this. Even better, use a URL shortener like or and share the short URL on your page. Also mention that your posts will now be available at Google+.


Step 2 – Do it! Create a Circle.

While you wait for your fans to add you on Google+, create a circle – with your fan page name. All the posts you want to make to your fans will be shared to this circle.



Step 3 – Add Fans to the Circle

Since, you just posted your Google+ link on your fan page, you should get notifications of people who just added you. Add them all to the circle you created in Step 2 (Filter out Family & Friends, if any. This is why you were asked to get rid of old notifications beforehand.



Step 4 – Share something, Of course!

Now, you can actually share something with your fans. Just select the circle when you share.



What else can you do?

Go to Circles > Select the Circle > View Stream to view the posts made in the circle. See the address bar to get a URL of this circle. You can use it to go straight to the fan page.


This is your new Fan Page – You can even start a Hangout with your fans! The visible disadvantages in this implementation – you appearing as “you” and not your brand. (It could also be an advantage depending on your business. Though, in Facebook, you had this choice of appearing as yourself or the brand.) – and posts by your fans in your circle stream.





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