, Let your tummy do the thinkin’


We have all seen the famous noodle soup in KungFu Panada now guess what’s Po getting for you? Yes, a whole lot of variety across 14 cities and that too, with minimal motor movement for you that includes using the internet and walking till your doorstep to get the food! The panda will do all the effort.

All you have to do is choose where you want to eat but, sitting at home. So when you come home, you are tired, or when you want to try a different takeout staying in office or when your family decides to try out a new place for ordering in, you don’t need to go through the trouble of calling different restaurants and asking them if they deliver, or what is the minimum cost of delivery or what their menu consists of or even if the restaurant is open at the time or not. All you need to know is

How to

Foodpanda’s Process

The website comes with easy instructions and easy search options. Decide how you want to filter what’s around you. Search through close locations, search through discount deals (exactly), search through the top brands in the city or even different cuisines.


Restaurant closed notification


Information on search results


So, last night I ordered food from Foodpanda. I downloaded their app on my android phone, and life was never easier. The app literally did everything for me and my order was placed in a jiffy. Just put in a few details and viola! my food was here in 30 minutes. No phones and no interruption between the movie I was watching while ordering.


Splash Screen







Foodpanda was a great experience with an easy website and a very smooth phone app. It is relatively new and hence it has not many affiliations however, there seems to be no reason why more restaurants would not affiliate with Foodpanda and for us, who wouldn’t want to use a service that fills the tummy in such an effortless way?


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