When in Florida and Met with a Car Accident, do this!


You could be visiting Florida or live in Florida, this article is for you.

Do not end up like this guy!

Florida’s traffic statistics show that there is an alarming number of crashes happening in the past year. Nobody wants to be a part of these statistics, but accidents can happen to anyone at any time. So, you must know what must be done during this situation.

A Florida auto accident attorney will help you settle any damage you have sustained after the accident. But if you find yourself caught in the middle of a crash, here are the things you should do right away. 

  1. Stay– Stop. Whether it’s a minor or a major accident, don’t drive away from the scene. Stay in place until everything is resolved. This way, you’re sure that you didn’t leave anything wrong behind.
  2. Check If It’s Safe– Before getting out of the car, check if the surroundings are safe. You also have to check for any wounds before getting out of the car. Make sure that you don’t have any significant injuries that might get worse by moving.
  3. Call the Police– Once you’re safely out of the vehicle, call the police immediately and ask for help. You have to report your accident even if it’s small, to make sure nothing else has happened.
  4. Take Photos– While waiting for the police, take photos of the crash. Make sure to capture every angle or frame of the scene so you have your evidence before anyone could move the car or add anything to the scene.
  5. Put Up A sign– If there’s any way you can put up a sign so pedestrians and vehicles can see you, do it. Turn on your lights, especially if it’s dark, to avoid additional accidents.
  6. Move to The Side– If authorities are taking longer than usual and you’re in the middle of the road, try moving your car out of the way. Moving will help drive traffic and will also prevent any more accidents.
  7. Take Notes– Start making an accurate and detailed record of what happened. Write everything on a piece of paper or your phone while your memory is still fresh. This way, you can narrate to the police all the details of how the accident transpired.

Exchange Information– If you were in a collision with another vehicle and the authorities haven’t arrived, exchange information. Ask for their necessary personal details so you can contact them in the future if needed.


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