FlippAR’s Growth Hacking Case Study by Mapplinks


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About the brand

FlippAR is an augmented reality app that helps companies provide better customer experience with customer service + technology integration.

There has been a radical shift in the way customers access information and make purchase decisions. It is the ‘need of the hour’ to be able to adapt to the new ways of delivering information and FlippAR is providing an interactive platform for customers to make better purchase decision.

Overall Objectives

  1. To increase audience interaction with the brand and brand recall
  2. To increase the user base for the app


Mapplinks team ideated and strategized Growth Hacking experiments for FlippAR to help them create a brand recall among their customers and also increase their use base.

We worked on 10–15 growth hacking ideas to start with. For each idea an OMTM was set which focused on either of the two goals — brand building or expanding user base. The best ideas were then shortlisted using the ICE (Impact, Confidence and Ease) score analysis.


Two experiments were decided to be executed by Mapplinks on Facebook and Tinder.

Facebook was to be used as a channel to run organic contests and Tinder was to be used to find potential users for the app.

OMTM (One Metric That Matters)

1) The metric for Facebook contest was number of engagements in terms of reactions, comments and shares and it was focused on branding

2) The metric for Tinder experiment was link clicks on the app download page


The organic contests were executed (without any budgets) and resulted in 100+ engagements and 200+ reactions from both the contests.

The experiment phase of 7 days resulted in the increase of Facebook page likes from 2961 to 3051

The Tinder experiment did not fare as well as it was expected to do and we could track it in just 2 days into the experimentation phase. That’s the beauty of growth hacking you do not have to wait till the end of a campaign to know if it would be a success or a failure.

Hence we moved with the same approach but on a different channel, Facebook messages.

The Facebook message growth hacking resulted in 483 app page clicks with 70% conversions and it was all organic.

The selected growth experiments’ success in the trial period helped us to continue them as growth hacks and create a process for the same.

Conclusion and Learnings

We received a good response from even the channels that seems to be very unconventional for the outreach solidifying the requirement of the experiment phase in the growth hacking process. This phase helped us try out channels which would definitely not be a marketer’s go-to channel for outreach.

All in all, the growth hacking campaigns with FlippAR helped us generate astounding organic outcomes and find ideas that can be scaled and incorporated to continue achieving similar results.

FlippAR has recently onboarded the cricketing sensation, Chris Gayle, as their brand ambassador and investor and we congratulate them for their achievements and future endeavors.


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