7 Flavoured Bacardi Breezers That You Need To Try Now


Flavoured Bacradi Breezers are ready-to-serve beverages, quite popular among the light drinkers. Breezers from Bacaradi are malt liquor versions without hops. They are pre-mixed flavoured drinks containing fruit extracts and carbonated water, ready to be mixed with rum and vodka.

Here are 7 fruity breezers from Bacardi that you would drool about.

Jamaican Passion

breezer-jamaican passion

As soon as you open the crown cap, you can sense the waft of Calypso passion fruit lingering in the air. A tantalising drink, Jamaica Passion is the most sought after flavour in the tropical RTDs range. Yellow flavoured flavicarpa varieties are brewed for months before arriving at this rich aroma of citrus lime and almonds rocking the bottom of your taste buds in every sip.

Bursting Blueberry


A darling among tropical tourists, Bacardi Breezer Bursting Blueberry is an effervescent concoction of authentic blueberry flavour. A seasoned contender for every pool party, the breezer flavour is popular among girls who love wildness with a touch of vintage.

And well, the turquoise sea blue potion is the perfect reminder of a life waiting to be lived in moments of passion.



Nothing beats the love for peach drink in the middle of the summer like peach breezer. Fruit-based light flavoured taste of the Peach breezer makes it a regular member of every beach party. Loved for its refreshing taste, it is often mixed with Bacaradi rum and vodka to extract that extra zing from every drop of nectarines.

A peach-hued cocktail is something no lady can let go without savouring at least once. After that, it becomes an adoring relationship.

Mango Burst


Move over the fruity smackers, Mango breezer is here. One of the hardest seasoned flavours to find, you are really lucky if you get to taste the Bacardi Breezer Mango Burst. What makes it incredibly stimulating is the choice of mangoes. It is created using alphonso, Duncan, Alice and Ataúlfo vaerties.

The king of fruits has a godly Caribbean touch to it with the goodness of both ripe and raw mangoes making their presence felt. This breezer has a slight tart entreaty to heighten the bottled ecstasy. This is a treat you would love to gulp down the throat.

Canada Breezer Berry Honey Cider


We thought that the flavour would be watered down, but the Berry Honey Cider is a surprisingly strong breezer flavour for first timers. Carrying an aromatic trace of cider mixed in natural honey extracts, it is affable to the core. Every sip of this Canadian cooler will set your senses on a thrilling journey within.

Grapefruit Ruby


This is a fiery red tangy breezer, preferred with white wine. We traced its origin to Bacradi’s Carta Blanca rum. Shaken with fresh tropical juices, the grapefruit ruby from Bacardi contains natural flavours of Tangerine and Mandarin oranges, tropical lime, pineapple, peach, red grapefruit and mango.

Every slice of fruit crushed with tender care, the breezer is savoured for its non-fizzy malty smoothness despite the citrus ingredients.

Pina Colada


The breezer with highest alcohol content at 5%, pina colada is a creamy flavour having smoothened pineapple fibres dashed with coconut milk. Garnished with cherry, this breezer is light and sweet, and often served with amaretto, daiquiri, kiwi fruit and Malibu rum.

Want to dig more breezers from Bacardi?

Try flavours like Crisp Apple, Refreshing Raspberry, Tropical Coconut, Tropical Lime, Tropical Orange, Tropical Pineapple and of course, Freeze Strawberry Daiquiri.


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