5 Videos on Youtube that would surely Tickle You


Psy’s chart-topping Gangnam style, the Justin Beiber’s global success, all these started from this very website.

Many of us watch videos every day. Whether it is a tutorial on how to operate something, to learn to cook, to exercise or just for gigs- all of these can be found under the shadow of this video streaming website, known as YouTube.

Everything that is available on internet is a part of a vast virtual world. Blogs in the form of written articles deliver ideas, similarly YouTube by letting people watch videos are imparting and influencing millions of viewers in the whole world. A six year old is dancing on a song of Bollywood, a fourteen year old is watching WWE videos, there is an overabundance of examples which tells us the same story- picture speaks more than words and when that is a moving picture, it is a sure shot yes!

Taken from this very website, we present to you five hilarious videos for you to enjoy:

1.) Don’t judge too quickly we won’t-Commercials Ameriquest

What happens when you wanted to do something else and other people pass judgments differently?

This advertisement of Ameriquest is a sure shot watch!

Uploaded on Jun 8, 2008


2) Gana Wala Song

If you haven’t watched it yet then you should!

It is a parody made on Ishk Wala Song from Student Of the year, which made me watch it again and again.

Just listen to its lyrics and you wont be disappointed

Published on Oct 15, 2012


3) Chai Sutta Chronicles – Ep. 2 (The Middle Berth Aversion)

Why guys want side upper birth while traveling in train?

An amusing video,  which made me speechless

published on Sep 17, 2013


4) Comedy videos

This integrates various hilarious bits in one that will make you laugh a lot.

5) Funny scene Indian railways

Every one of knows  the true story of Indian railways.

This video tells a part of that truth!

Published on May 16, 2013


There are many videos that can be listed in this never-ending list. For every minute you are spending to read this article, sixty hours of video are uploaded on that site. If we round it up, it would actually be around ten hours of video streaming a day. Twist, churn or turn this information any way, still it would be amazing.




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