Five Online Career Portals for Job-Seekers



“padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to banoge kharab”

Although this statement has been proved to be wrong by many talented people but our inclination is still job oriented. We are living in a vicious circle of life. Education-job-money-family-happiness, these are the steps that every parent teaches their children. Since childhood, we have been inculcated the basic agenda to a happier life- education. What is the main motto of this? To lead a life according to your own terms. Whether you believe in social uplifting, family satisfactions or fiscal gains- the first step is education then for most of the people it is to build a career.



Why would our virtual world be the back runners in this field?

So for job seeking youngsters (collegiate, engineers, graduates etc), there are various websites which are running in a strict planned race as to attract younglings. If we are talking about forerunners then players like CareerBuilder, ClickJobs, Employment News, Freshersworld, JobsAhead, Monster India, Naukri,Placement India,,Shine and Times Jobs have set their course.


1.) Let’s start with careerbuilder

“Be a smart fish”

One of the most result oriented searching portal for all the job seekers. It gives us opportunity to dwell into location based search for various fields. A must on the list of potential winners.

2.) Freshersworld

For a fresher, getting searches for appropriate job is only the first step but it also needs a firm guidance as well. This website takes that into consideration and makes placement experience and paper available for us to read and download.

Here is your chance to grab hold and practise for the aptitude now!

It can be called as an umbrella as well, mainly because it had tried to accumulate every parameter in the education field. From abroad courses, higher studies to even training (industrial training) all can be found here.

3.) Clickjobs

What makes it an interesting website? is it its user friendliness? Although for job seekers it doesn’t matter if it looks like done by an amateur but who doesn’t like a website with a professional touch?

Post job (if you are employer for free), register at your ease and also give a feedback if you have any.


With the amalgam of every spice in the career building and job search it had its way up on the ladder. So the search for job cannot be completed with this name. It also let you ping your friends about the specific jobs. Corporate sites, job boards, recruitment agencies, newspapers and classifieds all of these are search according to location, keywords matching and company name. So this hong kong based company looks everywhere for you.

5.) Jobsahead

Talking about e-recruitment and not referring to this Indian website is an offense. With over 2 million users, 80 million page views and 6000 plus corporate clients, it had embedded its name in the field of career portals. May be that is the reason Monster worldwide Incorporation had acquired it now!


For all the aspiring minds – you think you should get what you really deserve then these and many other sites are lending helpful hands towards you.

So if life gives you lemon, make lemonade!

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