Five Must-Have Popular Firefox Add-Ons


An internet browser is like a gateway to the house. Yes you have connection but without browser, how are you going to enter and explore the whole networking web?

add ons

With so many browsers available to us, the tough competition is going on between chrome and Firefox. Honestly it is a 50-50 vote from my side as well. For all the people who supports Firefox and wants to know about some of its best add-ons (or extensions some may say), this is the post for you guys.

From over 2 million, yes 2 million add-ons we are picking the best five for you to use. These are things that can be added in the existing objects for more or extensive functionality. Like handling new contents, dynamic wallpapers, accelerating your browser performance or even management of the passwords, all these can be done by add-ons made specifically for them.

you can call them as garlic bread to your pasta!

The list is as follows:

downthemall1.) Downthemall

Did it ever happened that while you were downloading something, in between your net connection was lost and then you had to start it all over again? Or you wanted to download all the links or images on the webpage but don’t know the easiest way for it. The solution which is very simple and reliable is this specific add-on.

It is a freeware and open source with no hidden cost.


abp2.) Adblock Plus

While you open a blog or an unknown site, you will be bombarded with advertisements and banners. This not only irritates people but act as a hindrance to the whole internet experience. For people who don’t like to get disturbed by this, Adblock is secure and safe add-on.

pocket3.) Pocket

How cool it would be if we can access things that we saw once offline as well. Taking this statement, pocket is an add-on which lets you access information rather WebPages offline( for latter usage). It automatically synch with your tablet or even mobile phones. So next time you saw something you want to use latter on, use this extension.

no script4.) NoScript Security Suite

Clickjacking or phishing sites, all of us must have heard these words at one point of time. Privacy, authentication and security these are the parameters every internet user wants in its browser. “aapki ichha sar aankhon pe.”  This add-on is been declared as the winner of “PC World World Class Award”. It allows the content to run only from your trusted domains.

flash video downloader5.) Flash Video Downloader

I personally could not have completed the list without this extension’s name on it. You want to download a video which is embedded in a webpage? Or you want to download any flash video from youtube-like sites? ( due to android market policy youtube videos can’t be downloaded) The answer to all these questions is flash video downloader. It gives you capability to download videos with different formats like mp4 flv etc. It had earned its status as one of the best and highly recommended add-on by users.

Other add-ons that could have been on list are Tab Mix Plus, Greasemonkey,Firebug and many more. Do tell us what according to you should make the list. We always wait for your response.



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