How To Find The Perfect Workwear For Your Feet?



The right pair of shoes makes your work pleasant and highly productive. Similarly, the wrong one can ruin your day. With your mind in your shoes all day, you can accomplish little. Also, some jobs are hazardous and require caution. Therefore, finding the right pair of work boots is an absolute must. 

Thanks to the US$1,292 million large Australian footwear industry, you have a lot of choices. With more choice comes the difficult decision of picking only one. Thankfully, this article will work as a guide to finding a pair of boots that are a perfect match for your feet. What’s more, you can buy them at stores like Workwear Hub and get great deals.

Comfort Guide 

While others consider safety as the top feature in work boots, for us, it is comfort. You have other means to keep yourself safe, but nothing to beat the comfort of a pair of worn-out boots. 

Make sure they have arched insoles to support your feet. Usually, work boots don’t have the arch that is required for a comfort fit. So, you need to check the arch level in the boots. If you find a pair that you like, but it does not have the required arch, you can always add arch support insoles for that snug fit. 

Safety Guide

There are many safety parameters to consider while picking work boots. Here are the most critical points to bear in mind concerning your feet’ safety. 

  • The length of the boots is critical. If too long, it will continuously slip off your feet. If too short, they will cause discomfort while you work. 
  • Find a pair that flexes at the ball of the foot rather than at the arch. Websites such as Workwear Hub offer a lot of options in terms of sizes and fits. 
  • Wear woolen or nylon socks as they don’t absorb moisture and help you keep your feet dryer when compared to cotton socks. 
  • Toe tips can be steel or composite. It depends on your work environment. If your work requires going in and out of secure buildings, composite ones are great as they do not set off any metal detectors. Steel tips are safe for construction, carpentry, or lumber work. 

Support Guide

Your boots are the trusted mates that you can bank on while you work hazardous jobs. The shoe’s outsoles can play a vital role in maintaining balance and give you a sturdy grip. Depending on the industry, the outsoles should be made of heat-resistant, electrically conductive, anti-slip, or anti-pierce materials. They can be a combination of more than one of these. 

Traction Guide

Slips and falls are the most common workplace hazards. According to Safe Work Australia, about 386 workers died due to slips and falls between 2003 and 2015. The material used in the outsole construction plays a critical role here. Urethane and rubber soles are slip-resistant when compared to leather or vinyl soles.

When contemplating a new pair of work boots, remembering the above points is essential. Several retail outlets, both online and offline, offer a wide range to pick from. You can find a suitable pair that meets your requirement on platforms like Workwear Hub.


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