Find Images on Google Image Search by Their Exact Size


Sometimes you need to find images that fit into a given size. Usually we download images and then resize images to match our needs. Google helps you save time and lets you look for images by specifying their exact size. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to Google Images and enter your search keyword. We’ve used “girls” as an example here.

google images

Step 2 – Once you get the search results, go to “Search Tools” as shown in the image below > Then go to “Any Size” and Select “Exactly..”
Note- You may get different results based on your search settings.

images size

Step 3 – Enter the dimensions of the image you need and Click on “Go”

google images size

Now, you will see only results which match the size you’ve entered. This lets you find the right images of the right size for your work / projects / other use.

image search


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