5 Ways to Find a Co-Founder for Your Startup in India


Most of us have a great idea every once in a while that can grow into a start-up, only some of us have the motivation and courage to implement that idea, but none of us has all the skills and ability required to take care of all aspects of the start-up and make sure it translates to a fully-fledged business.

A technical person would need a business development counterpart to really sell his / her technology. Similarly, a sales person is not complete without a great product or service. If you have an idea for a startup or even if your startup is already in the initial stages, it is important to find the right co-founder for your startup in order to have a combined skill-sets to take care of all different aspects of a business.

With the increasing number of start-up in the internet domain, you might have already guessed there are some good sources online where you can find the right co-founder for your business. Some of the sources I’ve used are as listed for your reference:

1. Co-Founder.co.in

Co-Founder.co.in is a website that very neatly lists all people looking for co-founders for their start-ups and / or people looking to join as co-founder for others’ start-ups. The best part about this site is that it lists the skills of the person vs the skills of the desired co-founder:




2. Techcofounder.com

Techcofounder is another website to find co-founders – however, it lists only the technical guys / mostly developers who are interested in setting up a start-up. This is not an India-specific site but it does have a list of start-up oriented developers in India along with their skills and location:



3. Startup Weekend Events (Startupweekend.org)

If you want your start-up set up and running this weekend, then probably this could have been the best bet for you. This event happened in Bangalore on 22 Feb, 2013. This is a 2 day workshop which starts with you giving ideas, formalizing them, finding people, and ends with your start-up presentation. This is not just added in this list to make you feel bad about missing the event – but to make sure you visit their website, and keep track of their events and grab the next opportunity. The event schedule looks something like this:



4. HeadStart.in Speed Dating & List

If you are really serious about finding your co-founder “partner”, then speed dating might be the solution for you!
HeadStart.in organizes speed dating for co-founders. You get to meet all potential co-founders at one common venue and then meet them one-by-one for 5 minutes each. You then create your shortlist of co-founders and discuss in detail further. Apart from their speed dating events, they also maintain a list of active co-founders. You can fill out a form, add your name and details to the list and also get access to other co-founders in the list – You may then connect with them as required.



5. Freelance Websites

This may not sound like it, but freelance websites are also decent places to find co-founders. The method might be long and you might get a little more generalized results, but it also gives access to a larger number of people than any of the above methods. Try and experiment different search strings on freelance sites and see what results you get.


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