10 famous cats in pop culture


Let’s get catty today. You got that right it’s not catchy its catty!

Cats… The most elegant animals that want and need their own kind of attention. Similar to ladies who require their own. No wonder they call them cat fights!

Cats are no less than famous pop stars… They have their own kind of dressing styles, want to remain well kempt, adorn the latest fashion, very graceful with their fur and way of walking, purr and screech till they have your attention. And oh yes some meow like a perfect song.

Cats seem to be everywhere. They are all over the internet, even have their own YouTube channels. Our furry feline friends have taken the world by storm and are perhaps the second coolest pets after dogs.

Let’s meet the 10 famous ones of all times:



If you are a 90’s kid then your childhood was incomplete without Tom and Jerry. One would say Tom the cat to be one of the coolest ones ever. We all grew up with him.  From trying to catch Jerry, to getting entangled with the next door dog, to getting scolded by the mom whose only legs were seen and we all kids dreamed of seeing whole!.

Puss n Boots


The warrior feline…Cool black hat with the yellow feather, belt and the sword seen in the Shrek movies. A heroic kitty with the voice of Antonio Banderas . That’s cool!



The feline came to fame that played Sabrina’s sidekick in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”. Having the best kind of one liners, and the animated technology made him all the more hilarious and funny. Robotic Salem!

Tony the Tiger


Ever eaten Frosted Flakes… Most of our childhood friends reading the article would remember our orange friend with the red flashy scarf with his name and blue nose with an infectious smile.

Jocelyn Wildenstein aka “The Cat Lady”

Frakenstien: Our horror friend! The lady came to the spotlight with the Frakenstien ahoy! Her face resembles purely that of a cat. Crazy must be but she made the show even more horrifying… hoho hahahah!

Mr. Bigglesworth


Shot to fame by sitting on Dr. Evil’s lap: Austin Powers. Who would forget the movie with the pink and catty background promo. The first introduction to a hairless cat!

Mr. Mistoffelees

The magical hero in “Cats”. The Broadway show of how “friggiin” magical you can get will leave you fond memories.

Felix the Cat


The black and white cat came to be known by its own shows and franchises since 1919. Kitty comedy was truly introduced by Felix movies and it was in the silent movies basically drawing comparison to the Charlie Chaplin era.

Cheshire Cat


Alice in Wonderland fame. Slick grin and it could vanish away. The brightest of colors with a black hat and a bushy tail.



Among the most famous, our sweet own orange clawy cat famous in comics and shows on Cartoon Network and animated series and a film of his own in 2004.


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