14 Facts About Google You Probably Didn’t Know



Fact 1:

Google, a 15 yr old American Multi National Corporation was launched in Sept 1998, is one of the fastest growing IT Giant and also one  of the richest companies of the world. The first venture of Google was its search engine, which is also named ‘Google’, is much ahead of other older search engines like Yahoo! All the products of Google are free starting with gmail, maps, google drive, picasa, youtube and generates all its revenue from advertisements. Its popular advertising venture called Adwords and Adsense attracts millions each day to place their ads on Google and thus giving a mutual benefit experience tn both. Only the mobile phone Nexus and laptop – chromebook come with price tags.

Fact 2:

Google is the first ever image and voice search engine, which launched this facility in March 2009. And google is also the first ever ‘Search by Image’ facility, that is you can upload an image at the search box and you will get the matching/exact pic/pics to the one you uploaded. This feature was launched in June 2011 but implemented only this year(2013).


Fact 3:

It is inventor of free open source operating system for mobile phones called ‘Android’ which means Human Robot, has severely affected the Symbian market. Nokia launched its Window phone only after suffering tremendous loss due to incoming of Android. Android has a delicious history of versions as they are named after food items, the currently most popular is the Jelly Fish version and there is news for the upcoming 4.4 KitKat version to be launched in October this year.


Fact 4:

Google is inventor of Google Glass a feature which we have only seen in some science-fiction movies and has been possible all due to the innovative crowd at Google offices.

Fact 5:

Google is Headquartered at Mountain View, California, with Larry Page as its CEO. In India Google has branch offices at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Fact 6:

Google’s interviews are considered to be one of the toughest checking intellect, knowledge through puzzles and stress interviews. The highest package offered by Google in India 1.22 crore to a Bits Pilani student Nitin Gangahar who will join in October 2013.

Fact 7:

A noble project called Google Earth and Google Maps, which covered the entire Globe to find countries, cities, roads, restaurants, bus stands, airport, schools and everything else you can imagine, is being used in daily routine in the form of GPS. Maps were implemented by Google in June 2005. Google maps for mobile phones were launched in 2007. There is an Android app available for the same.

Fact 8:

Google holds Google Summer Of Code and Code Jam competition once in a year and are one of the most sought after programming competitions among computer science students or an algorithmic geek.



Fact 9:

Google offers scholarships to bright students, including the popular ‘Anita Borg memorial scholarships’ for women in Tech, Generation Google and special scholarships to person with disabilities.



Fact 10:

Google has recently launched a Google wallet feature in Gmail chat, to shop online or make other transactions.


Fact 11:

Google launched its social networking site google+  in 2011 after suffering severe defeat from Facebook for its social networking site Orkut, which was once a crowd favourite spot on internet.


Fact 12:

It is said google hangouts(video conferencing) are better in quality than Skype, which is a Microsoft product. But the concept of video conferencing came very late to google, in 2011 yr, whereas it was implemented yrs ago by Microsoft via Skype.

Fact 13:

It has a Google sites feature where you can create your free websites.
google sites

Fact 14:

Google has a separate search for scholars to search for articles and research papers.




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    i think google+ is also defeated by Facebook….i cant even say “at par”…
    all the plugins and features were copied from FB in G+…
    nice collection btw…and 1.22 crore ….dats huge!! :D

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