Factors that Affect Wedding Photography Prices



Chicago is one of the most diverse and interesting states in the United States of America. It is a favorite location for couples wanting to tie the knot. Whether you want a quiet waterfront, an elegant celebration at a five-star hotel, or a simple, rustic barn party, you can make your dream wedding become a reality in Chicago. The average cost of a lavish wedding in Chicago is $61,265 which includes the engagement ring, Chicago wedding photographers, venue, etc., 

There are various ideas that people incorporate in their wedding ceremonies that include destination wedding, summer beach wedding, under-water wedding, and theme-based wedding. Even then, 80% of the weddings still take place in church and synagogues, as per the Bride’s Millennium Report. 

People try to minimize their expenses by cutting the unwanted party plans, reducing food expenses, and budgeting on photography & video-making.

In Chicago, wedding photographers quote their pricing based on certain factors. Also, some factors have a considerable impact on the photography pricing that you may need to deal with when planning a wedding function. Here are a few: 

Hiring Hours

Many couples prefer a photographer to work the entire day to shoot their pictures. But this increases the charges per hour and affects the wedding budget to a maximum level. It is best to hire a photographer on an hourly basis and reduce the budget tension.

To cut the expenditure on photography, you must plan the shoot well in advance. Be prepared with sites, shots, and roles so that there is a substantial reduction in time-consumption. Limit the photography hours so that the pricing won’t affect your overall wedding budget.

Peak Season

Wedding season has a massive impact on all the prices that are related to wedding ceremonies. September and October are the prime months where weddings take place on a large scale. This peak time also affects the wedding photography pricing. Because most of the photographers are booked and have limited spare time available on their schedule.

It is best advisable to pick a date or month that does not come under peak season. It will reduce the cost incredibly, and you can spend the unspent money on other activities or your honeymoon. Compare your expenses and preferably choose a non-peak wedding month.

Pre-wedding Photoshoots

This is a new trend that most of the couples opt for. Many families choose to go for bridal or first-look session shoots that help in easing their anxiety and stress levels. When you opt for this package, you understand how your on-camera appearance is. 

Some people are camera shy; this pre-wedding photoshoot helps them to acclimatize in a stressful environment. Given that these shoots are psychologically pleasing, they do multiply your expenditure. So, plan wisely and go for first-look shoots only if it fits your budget.

Travel-related Cost

If your wedding is planned locally and you hire a local photographer, then your budget won’t be affected much. Local photographers can easily commute within the city and reach your wedding location at a limited cost. The problem arises when you have a destination wedding, and the photographer’s team has to travel.

You must be clear about the expenditures that you may incur. If you could manage to bear the photographers’ costs, then you can plan a destination wedding. And you must discuss the travel expenditure well in advance to avoid discrepancies later.


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