Facebook Graph Search – Will It Pose a Threat to Google?


Google is the undisputed king of search engines. Search engines are probably the most commonly used tools on the Internet. Most Internet users use Google to find the information they’re looking for. Google  has been dominating the search engines market and enjoying search-engine monopoly for many years. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking website has recently introduced graph search algorithm to enable its members to find certain information on Facebook itself. Will this new search tool of Facebook pose a threat to Internet giant Google?

facebook graph search

Google’s search-engine monopoly: Most people use the Internet to find the information they are seeking. It’s worth to mention that more than 70% of the searches on the Internet are made through Google. No wonder, Google dominates the search engines market and enjoys a monopoly in it. However, it’s not good for the search engines market. Now, the other Internet giant Facebook has unveiled social search feature called ‘graph search’ to help its users to find more accurate information on people, photos, places and interests on Facebook itself. Will this create a healthy competition between Google and Facebook in the coming days?

Facebook’s graph search: You may be aware that Facebook members are sharing almost everything on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook claims to have collected all the necessary information on almost all topics, over the past few years. However, the first version of Facebook graph search focuses mainly on four areas-people, places, Photos and interests. For example, you can find bloggers living in your city using graph search on Facebook. You can find photos of your friends taken in New York City. You can find Indian restaurants liked by your Indian friends. You can find the songs your friends like. If you want to find a dentist or a web design company or a Chinese restaurant or a hotel or a travel agent in Seattle, you can now use Facebook’s ‘graph search’ and get the best search results. In short, Facebook’s ‘graph search’ is mainly useful for finding information about places, people, photos and interests.

Google search and Facebook graph search: Google web search is much different from Facebook graph search. Google is currently the most popular and comprehensive search engine on the Internet. It provides fast, most relevant and reliable search results to the Google searchers according to the keywords they use. On other hand, if you are searching for places, photos, people and interests, Facebook should be your choice. For example, If you want to find the  Angelina Jolie’s ardent fans living in Richmond, it’s possible with Facebook’s ‘graph search’ but not with Google.As of now, Facebook can’t pose a threat to Google. However, Facebook may come up with more search options in future. If Facebook introduces comprehensive search options in the coming years, then it may have an impact on Google’s popularity.

Graph Search Beta: Currently Graph Search is in a Beta and is available only to those who use Facebook in  US English. Others can sign up for the wait list at www.facebook.com/graphsearch

facebook graph search

Bottom line: Currently, Google dominates the search engines market effortlessly. Facebook’s new graph search feature will not pose a threat to Google immediately, as it is initially going to focus only on people, places, photos and interests. However, if Facebook introduces more search options in the coming years, it will certainly give a tough competition to Google in the search engines market. Let us hope, this will create a healthy competition between Google and Facebook in future.. Thanks for reading.


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