F-INSAS: A Future Perspective for Indian Soldiers


F-INSAS: A Future Perspective For Indian Soldiers

F-INSAS rough sketch

If you are a full-on gamer on Xbox or PS3 for games like Gears of War, Crysis 3 and Prototype, this article will bring you mind-boggling but interesting facts about most advanced technology to be used in years to come in Indian Army. “Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System” or F-INSAS is project is initiated by Indian government to bring 1 million front-line soldiers sustain every hardest environmental condition imaginable. Just like the soldiers you watch in the movies who are equipped with most advanced armors, our Jawans shielded and upgraded with most advanced weapons will now become nightmares for our enemies. Think of an army where each infantry is equipped same as the Batman, where Arkham city is replaced by a whole country protected by these 1 million soldiers, or think of Claude Van Damme’s Universal soldier where each infantry is a self-sustaining killing arsenal.


The proposition?

Indian defense officials claims F-INSAS to be supplied for eight to ten battalions, where each battalion consists of 800-1000 soldiers by 2015 and all the 325 battalions by 2020. The execution of F-INSAS is a 3 phase norm where first, second and third phase lies in 12th, 13th and the 14th five year plans (2012-2027) respectively. It has been estimated that approximately Rs. 25000 Cr has to be invested for the first phase. Currently, a tactical communications systems program is to be built in a digital network that will connect all the regiments to headquarters to Army, Navy and Air Force.

This concept was started in 2007 by the government with a mission to generate soldiers for the whole new level with technological advancement. The plan was to integrate soldiers with full scale digital communication system, enhance the survivability of soldiers and to make them more aware about the situation, thus increasing their lethality many-folds.


What exactly does a soldier will benefit from F-INSAS?

1. Instance access of information in the battlefield via new communication systems

2. New guns and armours and lightweight camouflages will reduce the weight by 50%.

3. Night goggles, guns with laser target, bullet-proof helmets, and thermal sensors, digital and nuclear computer with headsets and under-barrel grenades all integrated for every infantry for Close Quarter Battle.

4. Non-flammable and bullet-proof jackets to carry extra load and to increase resistance for nuclear, chemical and radiological warfare.

FINSAS vs Virtual Soldiers

5.  Flexible water bottle, knee and elbow pads, magazines with electronic jacket which includes radio, GPS, cables, climate cooling system a small computer unit with equal weight distribution of a soldier.

6GPS firing system will allow to fire grenades indirectly and automatically.

7. A palmtop for GPS, USB 2.0 and jammers will act as a decoy and will help friendly soldiers for individual location.



The 2045 initiative is a Strategic Social Initiative launched by Russians with an aim to spell life in robots. If you die, your brain will be placed inside a human-like robot or cyborg as we call it.4 life cycle stages prototype - FINSAS vs 2045


Even if your brain dies with you, the 2045 Russian initiative is working hard to develop a technology that shall converge the brain waves into a single IC chip and thus, you have options for altering your appearances, when you are officially declared immortal after your death! Russians using their skills, power and pace have already ignited the idea of future weapons. Doubts are prevailing whether the F-INSAS initiative will actually emerge as a success; after all it all started way back in 2007.

Such a move will strike a cold blow to our neighboring countries as well the world. Back in mid 2012 India unleashed a missile Agni-V nicknamed as “China Killer” which had enormous range of 5000 Kilometers. The day after its launch, Chinese premiers expressed their personnel deterrent by shaking hands with India, however it was for a puff of time.

F-INSAS will be India’s one of the most giant leap in technology as well as in defense in the history from our independence. Factors like minimum human casualties, quick information exchange, ease of exploration and light and lethal weapons will serve our brave soldiers more than ever. Joining the Indian army shall be the most exciting job one can ever get in the future.


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