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About Cyworld

Cyworld is a South Korean website for social networking. It is operated by SK Communications which is a subsidiary of SK Telecom. It basically has operations in China and Vietnam. This social networking website is available in a number of languages viz. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, German and Spanish apart from English.

It was launched in 1999 and became the one of the companies to earn revenue from virtual goods. While “cy” in the word cyworld relates to cyber world, it means “relationship” in Korean word. The website received “Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award” in 2006 for being an organization that making the best use of IT transformation.

Features of Cyworld

a)      Music


There’s a lot to discover in music section as one can see a wide range of album songs. One can list to the song one likes and one can also add it one’s wish box to purchase it.

There are different genres of songs available on cyworld viz. Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul, Electronica, Rock, Classical, Jazz, New Age, OST and K-Pop.


User can also gift the songs to his or her friends. All the songs have been listed under different charts viz. real-time chart, daily chart and weekly chart.


b)      Club


There are a number of clubs available in cyworld which are categorized in different topics. These are also categorized region wise and hobby wise. One can find the club of interest and join it. There are various boards available in the club where the user can attach picture, video, survey, image and other files.

There are various means of communication in the club like recent trace where the user can come to know who has visited the club; club on option would help in letting the user know who is on club and message option helps in sending messages to the user’s friends.  Using the customize club option, one can choose various styles and colours to the account that gives it a beautiful appearance.

c)       Cy Star

cy star

Cy Star feature helps in have various options available viz. start theme and star ranking. Star ranking can be observed using fans and visitors’ tabs. There are different categories available in miniHome viz. singer, actor, athlete etc. These categories can be sorted using fans and update features.

d)      miniHome


It is a very interesting feature of cyworld in which user can have a virtual home called miniHome which is the personal homepage of the user. In this homepage, user can create his or her profile and enjoy a number of features. A short introduction consisting of user’s photo along with a short message can be posted on the home page.

It is a very catcy page having a beautiful miniroom picture at the middle and latest news updates at the top. He or she can visit how many people have visited his or her miniHome page. There’s a space at the top where user can post messages and share the updates with his or her friends. At the right, there are different tabs for easy navigation viz. profile, diary, photo, board, visitor and setting.

One can also share one’s favoriate songs and recommend them to one’s friends or fans.









The diary option provides a closed space for the user and upto 50 friends to share stories, thoughts and other multimedia.

personal gallery

With personal gallery option, one can create wonderful arts and share it with one’s friends.

visitor's book

Using the visitor’s book option, one can leave personal message by visitor’s card, miniMe or texticon.

e)      Express Yourself

User can express himself or herself to his or her friends by a number of ways on cyworld. There’s a “today is” option where user can put how he or she feels about his or her miniHome.

today is

There are different options available under this like happy, chuffed, up, blown, realriot, fluttery, ecstatic, psyched and love.

skin effects









One can also choose among the different skin types available to express one’s moods.


One can decorate one’s miniRoom the way one wants.

f)       Being Better Friend

Using cyworld, user can make a number of friends. It is a very great platform with unique concept.

cy is











One can choose the friend to be close friend or lifetime friend and hence friends can be categorized better.

send gifts

One can also share gifts to one’s friends on special occasions.


Beautiful stickers are available to enhance comments one shares to the other person. Under the couple miniMe option, one can choose one’s special one and have great relationship ahead.


Mobile Accessibility

Cyworld is easily accessible from mobile via mobile web or application called MobileWeb Cyworld.

cyworld mobile

Enter m.cyworld.com in the mobile browser and start accessing this wonderful social networking site from mobile web. It is fast, optimized and convenient application mobile application.

cyworld mobile2



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